When Life Gives You Lemons, Make 3 Superfood Lemonade Recipes!

August 20th is National Lemonade Day. Is there anything more definitively summer than a tall, cold, sweet and sour glass of fresh, homemade lemonade? There’s just something about the way its coolness mixes with hot, humid, lazy days that makes it seem so perfect. There are plenty of reasons for loving lemonade, but just in case you need a few more to celebrate, we’ve got some ‘super’ reasons: superfood lemonade recipes.

The lemon is an exceptionally hydrating food, which means it actually boosts the hydration properties of water. Lemon juice, even though it’s acidic to our tongues, actually has an alkaline pH, which helps to balance the body. Lemons (and limes) are also a rich source of vitamin C, which strengthens our immunity, fights aging, and gives our skin a healthy glow.

Adding superfoods—nutrient-dense and calorically low antioxidant powerhouses—boosts already super-healthy lemonade into an even healthier super-sip. And when we reduce the sugar content, we make our lemonade even better. Try these three superfood lemonade recipes:

1. Chia Fresca

Another super hydrating food is the chia seed. It can absorb twelve times its weight in liquid! It’s also loaded with healthy plant protein, important omega fatty acids, and powerful antioxidants. Try our recipe, here. It uses limes, which are just as wonderful as lemons, but you can certainly use all lemons—or try a bit of both.

2. Pink Goji Lemonade

Give your pink lemonade a makeover with the goji berry. The super nutrient-rich goji berry contains the unique mineral germanium and rare antioxidants that have been shown to boost longevity, mental focus, and overall wellbeing. This great recipe from Loving Superfoods includes a pinch of salt, which is important during super hot weather. You can omit the coconut oil and tocotrienols for a more traditional tasting lemonade.

3. Blueberry Acai Lemonade

This is one of my favorite summertime drinks. The fruity sweetness of blueberries and acai powder blends so well with the lemony tartness. And the rich color of the berries actually gives you sun protection from the inside out!

Serve 4-6



Combine all ingredients in a Vitamix or blender. Strain out berry pulp if you like. Pour over ice and garnish with fresh lavender.

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Image: amy.gizienski