Organic Turkey Stock

Makes about 9 cups


6 lb organic turkey parts, wings, drumsticks, backs, necks etc. (you can also use chicken parts as well)
3 medium organic brown onions, trimmed and halved
3 organic leeks, cleaned and trimmed
3 organic carrots, washed and cut into 2-inch lengths
5 quarts cold, filtered water
1 Bouquet Garni: 4-5 stems of thyme, 4-5 parsley stems, 1 bay leaf, 4-5 cloves and 10 whole black peppercorns


Preheat oven to 500°F.

Toss poultry parts in olive oil to coat. Transfer to a roasting pan and roast for 45 minutes. Turn over poultry parts and roast another 20-25 minutes or until golden brown. Transfer poultry to a large stockpot.

Add onions, leeks, and carrots to roasting pan and roast until golden about 10-15 minutes. Check vegetables half through roasting period and rotate. Transfer vegetables to the stockpot with poultry. Wrap bouquet garni in cheese cloth. Tie cheese cloth closed with kitchen twine and tie to pot handle so bouquet garni can float freely in stock pot.

Straddle roasting pan across two burners. Deglaze pan with 2 cups filtered water (you can also use wine) over high heat about 1 minute, scraping up any brown bits with a wooden spoon. Add pan juices to stockpot with remaining 4 1/2 quarts of water and remaining ingredients (if poultry and vegetables are not covered with water add enough water to cover all veggies and poultry parts). Bring to a rolling simmer and skim froth frequently. Reduce heat and gently simmer uncovered 3 hours. Strain stock and discard solids (or use meat from legs and wings to make a wonderful turkey soup).

If using stock immediately, let stock stand so fat rises to the top and skim off fat.

If you will not be using stock immediately, cool quickly and refrigerate. Remove fat “cap” from the top of chilled stock and discard, or you can use the fat to make your roux for your gravy.

Reheat stock before using.

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