Super Creamy Raw Tahini Hummus Recipe

Hummus has been a staple throughout Mediterranean cultures for millennia. Light, creamy and full of flavor, this raw hummus recipe omits the chickpeas and focuses instead on the nutty and super rich flavor of the sesame seed tahini. It is perfect as a dip or spread, or as a dressing for making tangy, ranchy-flavored dehydrated kale chips.

Serves 4-6



Measure out all ingredients into your blender or food processor (except sliced veggies and crackers). If your tahini has separated a lot in the jar, you may need to mix it together a bit with a fork before adding to your blender. Once all ingredients are in, hit the start button! The mixture should come out thick and creamy. Depending on the consistency, add more olive oil as needed. You can also thin out a bit with water. If you make it too thin, add more tahini.

A word about garlic: I hate the stuff. (We are actually mortal enemies! And, mark my words, it will rue the day it ever crossed my palate!) Most people think hummus is meant to be excessively heavy on the vampire killer. I recommend trying the spread first without it, but definitely feel free to add a clove or two if you must… just don’t invite me over! Enjoy!

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Image: jules : stonesoup