Traditional Taqueria Taco Recipe, Hold the Meat

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Who doesn’t love a good taqueria taco recipe?

This past August, my husband and I took a trip to Santa Barbara. We explored, tasted wines, shopped, and most importantly, tried the best taquerias in town. The city has been written up in numerous places like The New York Times, Forbes, A Thousand Places to See Before You Die, and so many more for its great taco stands.

Its most famous taqueria, La Super-Rica, will continuously have lines that wind around the building, but if you want to know where the locals go, hit Lilly’s Taqueria, some of the best tacos I’ve ever had. They’re simple and very much ruled by accoutrements like crisp radishes, cilantro, and onion.

When I came home, I attempted to relive my Santa Barbara taco experience and after a few trials, I’ve come up with a tasty veggie taco recipe.

Traditional Taqueria Taco Recipe, Hold the Meat

Serves 4


1. Heat olive oil up to medium high heat and add in garlic. Cook just until fragrant and add in zucchini and squash. Add taco seasoning, cumin, and season with sea salt.

2. Add the raw radishes to a small bowl. Combine onions and cilantro in another bowl. Add jalapeños and limes to another bowl.

3. Cook squash and zucchini until golden brown and then set aside in another bowl.

4. Use the remaining oil (you may need to add a bit more) to quickly warm up the tortillas in the skillet.

5. Build your taco. Starting with the zucchini and squash combination. Top with radishes, cilantro/onion combination, jalapeños, and a hefty squirt of lime juice. Dress with your favorite fresh green salsa.

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