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Danny Trejo Jumps on the Vegan Bandwagon, Opens Vegan-Friendly Taqueria

Danny Trejo is serving up vegan tacos.

It seems like everyone is becoming more vegan-friendly. Restaurants are preparing vegan options and your aunt Linda no longer looks confused when you say “I’m a vegan” at family events. So, it’s really not surprising that Danny Trejo, general tough guy actor, recently announced that he opened a vegan Taqueria.

Trejo’s Tacos, which will be located in the Los Angeles’ Miracle Mile neighborhood, features a menu that was designed by Daniel Mattern, L.A. chef. The menu will be filled with fresh, housemade salsas, organic chopped kale salads, mung bean tortillas, and tacos of all sorts.

Trejo's vegan tacos aren’t boring or bland -- Trejo’s Tacos’ are “stuffed with things like fried avocado and black pepper tofu,” Food and Wine reports. Not a vegan? You’ll be happy at Trejo’s joint, too -- the menu also will include items like fried chicken tacos and shrimp tostadas. There will be a gluten-free menu, too.

All together, the restaurant’s menu will have 10 tacos. “To drink, there's a rotating list of seasonal aguas frescas, housemade date-sweetened horchata and kombucha on tap. Also on tap is Trejo's own Cerveca, brewed in the Arts District downtown,” The Los Angeles Times reports. And as an extra bonus, the taco spot also will donate any leftover food at the end of the day to a local homeless shelter.

For those of you wondering, this isn’t Trejo’s first foray in the food world. The actor also created Cerveca, as mentioned above -- it's a “downtown L.A.-brewed beer” -- and Pasadena, a signature coffee blend.

From the Organic Authority Files

Now, I’ve got to say, I don’t know why most news outlets are going with the “can you believe this tough guy is going to serve vegan tacos at his taco shop” angle. Last time I checked, being a vegan was no longer akin to being the butt of a joke. After all, what’s more badass than serving awesome food to people who are rad enough to not consume any animal products?

If you want to find out more about Trejo’s Tacos, check out the brand on Twitter @TrejosTacos. The brand’s signature hashtag? #BadAssTacos – how appropriate!

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