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These 7 Avocado Restaurants Go Beyond the Guacamole

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These 7 Avocado Restaurants Go Beyond the Guacamole


Could you eat avocado toast for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Have you ever dreamed of having a swimming pool full of guacamole? Are you eating an avocado right now?

Riding a tidal wave of good press for its good fat, the avocado is a foodie darling (never mind the dirty origins of its name). Indulge your creamiest avocado dreams at the new avocado-themed restaurants that are popping up around the planet.

Eat Avocado All Day at These Avo-Inspired Restaurants

1. The Avocado Show (Amsterdam)

Eat avocados made into works of art where it all began, at the world’s first avocado-themed restaurant. The food here is delightfully whimsical, with bright colors, tiny flower gardens, and playful swirls of sliced avocado. Try their Avo Garden, a leafy hummus “burger” with two avocado halves as the buns. Wash it down with a Guaca Mary cocktail mixed with vodka, tequila, guacamole and avocado oil.

2. Avocaderia (Brooklyn)

Avocados are in every single item on the menu at this hangout in Sunset Park, including smoothies, salads, and bowls infused with international flavors from Japan, Egypt, and Mexico. But the stars of the menu are the smashed avocado toasts, like their beetroot hummus toast: a bright purple wonder with spicy seeds, watermelon radish slices, agave mustard dressing, and cheerful green avocado.

3. Guac (New York City)

This restaurant is devoted to the highest form of avocado: guacamole. Discover 12 creative guacamoles on their menu, including fried golden bacon guacamole, smoked chipotle guacamole, and pineapple guacamole. Order a sampler with three choices to complement your guac nachos and guac sizzle fajitas.

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4. Avocado Grill (West Palm Beach, Florida)

Slip into an avocado-green booth at this funky restaurant, which also features guac-green doors, bar stools, shelving, and décor. It’s like eating inside of an avocado – and you are the pit. The menu focuses on fresh Florida seafood and healthier fare, and there are plenty of options without avocados for the haters. Try the grilled avocado wedges, ginger guacamole, and an avocado margarita.

5. The Guac Spot (New Jersey & New York)

Have you ever tried chicken and avocado waffles, avocado mac ‘n cheese, or an avocado egg roll? Those are just a few of the healthy fat delights on the menu of this mobile restaurant (aka food truck). Be sure to save room for dessert, including chocolate-dipped avocados, homemade avocado ice cream, and “guacaroons” – chocolate-avocado macaroons.

6. Good Fat (Sydney)

Go ahead and indulge – it’s good fat! Feast on crowd-pleasers like avo fries and ABC Bites: golden crumbled fried avocado balls with bacon, chicken, potato, mozzarella, and Sriracha aioli. Presented by the Australian avocado industry, this pop-up also serves a wake-up drink/dessert of one shot of espresso with one scoop of avocado ice cream.

7. Avobar (London)

London’s famous Covent Garden will soon have a smooth new tenant with California vibes: Avobar. Set to open in early 2018, the boutique restaurant promises an “eclectic” menu with treats like green avocado shakshuka, avocado hotcakes, and avocado carpaccio.

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