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Toke Your Taste Buds: Recreational Marijuana Food Pairings at Colorado Restaurant

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Just as the state adjusts to the world of legalized recreational marijuana, a high-end Colorado restaurant has introduced a weed and food pairing menu to dazzle your taste buds. Instead of a fine wine to complement your meal, how about a fine weed to please your palette?

Patrons of Colorado’s Hapa Sushi are taking advantage of the recreational marijuana munchies with a new food and pot pairing.

The menu is actually part of the high-end Colorado restaurant's ad campaign to legalize recreational marijuana and isn’t actually available at the restaurant, but according to menu creators and reported on The Huffington Post, the suggestions are real.

Suggested Pot and Food Pairings:

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From the Organic Authority Files

Pakalolo Shrimp with Pakistani Kush
Katsu Curry with Blue Dream
Honey Miso Salmon with Sour OG
Poke Don with Purple Rain

And the restaurant is even “ergonomically designed to reduce paranoia" so you can relax and toke to your taste buds.

Colorado is the first state to allow retail recreational marijuana sales to adults age 21 and older. The new law has projected nearly $600 million in combined wholesale and retail marijuana sales annually. Colorado expects to collect $70 million in tax revenue in the law's first year on the books. And as Colorado residents adjust to their new found pot freedom, we’re sure to see even more cases of marijuana moving into the gastronomical mainstream.

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