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2 Critical Ways Americans Can Vote With Their Dollars to Change the Food System
October 16, 2018
Legislation to regulate the American food system for the better may be an uphill battle, but an individual's ability to…
Trader Joe's Slammed with Lawsuit Alleging Cage-Free Egg Deception
March 16, 2018
A lawsuit has been filed against Trader Joe's claiming that the imagery on its cage-free egg cartons is deceptive to…
Walmart Sued Over Misleading Marketing on Organic Cage-Free Eggs
January 29, 2018
Walmart is facing a lawsuit alleging that packaging of its organic, cage-free eggs misled consumers to believe they were laid…
November 3, 2017
Nestlé is already the biggest food brand in the world. Could it become the biggest vegan food brand, too?
cage-free egg
June 19, 2017
Cage-free egg producers are not finding enough of a market to sell their products, which are often more than $1…
whole foods market
May 1, 2017
Whole Foods Market recently released its new egg standards, but they might not be as much of a victory for…
TGI Fridays Makes Big Commitment for Animals
image courtesy of TGI Fridays
February 28, 2017
TGI Friday's says it will move to slow-growth chickens by 2024 in an effort to source more humanely raised birds…
organic eggs
January 20, 2017
The USDA has published a new rule granting chickens laying organic eggs at least two square feet of outdoor roaming…
Animal Welfare Victory in Massachusetts Just Changed U.S. Livestock Production
November 17, 2016
In a landslide victory, Massachusetts Question 3 ballot initiative brings animal welfare front and center, changing the nation's food system.
2 Major Food Suppliers Adopt Widespread Animal Welfare Policies for Chickens
November 8, 2016
The Compass Group and Aramark have pledged to adopt widespread animal welfare policies for broiler chickens by 2024.