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5 Kitchen Remodel Tips for an Eco-Friendly Dreary-Free Kitchen

kitchen remodel

When it comes time for a kitchen remodel, you don't need to demolish it to bring it up to date. While it's tempting to go for the latest and greatest recycled products and energy efficient appliances, sometimes you can do more for the environment by giving your kitchen a facelift rather than an overhaul. These kitchen remodel tips can help.

Kitchen Remodel Tips

1. Resurface your cabinets: Instead of trashing your current cabinets, consider resurfacing. Strip and stain or paint your cabinets for a new look. And be sure to use low VOC paint to keep yourself healthy.

2. Replace hardware: Another great update is to replace the hardware on your cabinetry for an updated look. Take your old hardware to a ReStore or another reseller of architectural salvage.

3. Add glass panes: Want glass paned cabinets? You can actually remove the wooden center of most cabinets and replace it with glass. Choose clear glass if you like to see your organized dinnerware and frosted if you'd rather hide your dishes.

4. Replace your countertop: If there's no saving your countertop, try recycled glass countertops that are available in most home improvement stores. They're sustainable and a great wipeable hard surface. Or try any of these sustainable countertops.

5. Add a backsplash: Glass tile backsplashes are a great way to add pep to your kitchen. Most homes don't come with a backsplash installed in the kitchen and this is a relatively inexpensive project. Choose a color theme you like and add convenience to your walls. If you choose just one wall to add a backsplash, go with the one behind the oven. It will make life so much easier when you can just wipe the grease from cooking away.

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What are your best kitchen remodel tips? 

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