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Funky Folk Remedies That May Help After All


Splitting headache got you down? What about that post-dinner gastrointestinal explosion going on in your stomach? We've all been there and it's definitely not fun. But, thanks to the modern miracles of laboratory science, none of us have to endure the discomfort of the most common ailments for very long since all the over-the-counter chemical compounds we could possibly hope and dream for are available at our fingertips the moment we reach into our generously-stocked medicine cabinets.

Here's the problem. We're talking about synthetic laboratory-created remedies. A bunch of obscure chemicals that when pressed into magical pills are capable of targeting life's little health-related inconveniences, but who knows what else they may be doing to our internal organs in the process, especially when we rely on them all too consistently. Wouldn't you feel just a wee bit better addressing the aches and pains that may randomly pop up throughout the weeks and months in a more natural manner? 

Chicken Pox

One of the basic rites of childhood, there's no reason why your kiddies should be forced to suffer from the persistent, skin crawling itch that accompanies this viral infection. In order to accelerate their healing process, immune boosting herbs such as Echinacea, goldenseal, astragalus and Chinese mushrooms will work wonders on the inside, but do make a point of pairing this home-spun treatment with external remedies such as encouraging them to soak in a warm bath augmented with either colloidal oatmeal, baking soda or apple cider vinegar.

Plantar Warts

The alpha hydroxy acid found in banana peels makes them an incredibly effective natural treatment for unsightly plantar warts. Simply cut a small section of the yellow skin with a pair of scissors, secure it directly to the affected area with waterproof first aid tape and after repeating this process every morning for roughly three days, the growth will disappear!

Upset Stomach

While chewing on fresh ginger root, sipping it in tea form or indulging in the candied version is often the number one natural go-to-remedy for stomach ailments, peppermint supplements and/or tea can also offer great relief, as can eating yogurt or drinking four ounces of water with ½ teaspoon of baking soda. One of the most unusual remedies that people swear by, however, is popcorn soaked in boiling water for a minimum of 15 minutes (when consumed 4 times per hour) until symptoms go away. While it may be a little kooky, it's certainly worth a try.

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From the Organic Authority Files


Before you reach for the Tylenol, you might want to create a spicy sachet instead filled with 4 tablespoons (each) of mint, rose petals, rosemary, cloves, lavender and marjoram. Any time you feel that old familiar throb, just inhale the fragrant scent and watch your worries float away. If sipping is more your style, a therapeutic herbaceous tea made with 1 teaspoon of crushed sage and 1 teaspoon of crushed rosemary (both of which contain outstanding anti-inflammatory agents) will offer noticeable relief when consumed at least three times daily.


Those who temporarily lose their voice – whether due to a seasonal illness or a competition with the booming sound system at a night club – might instantly gargle with a fresh lemon and honey combo or sip on diluted apple cider vinegar, both of which provide effective relief. If left-of-center treatments happen to be up your alley, then perhaps you'll appreciate the antioxidant-packed wonders of organic chestnut shells – just chew on them to draw out their nutrients (spitting them out after at least 5 minutes, please!) and you'll be on your way to vocal restoration. Similarly, gargling with the liquid remaining in a pot of boiled cabbage will also make your cords right as rain again. No, really.


Prevent head lice from making themselves at home in your children's locks by arranging long hair in a high bun or French braids and finishing the style with a generous application of hairspray (it's definitely a good idea to spray it outside rather than in your home). The propellant chemicals – which are admittedly the last thing any of us should inhale – actually stop the creepy little critters dead in their tracks.

Bug Bites

When insects chomp down on exposed skin, alleviate any resulting swelling and itchiness by mixing water into a small amount of baking soda and applying that paste directly to the affected area so it can help to draw out the toxins.

Pink Eye

Anyone who's attended public school knows that conjunctivitis has a way of spreading like wildfire. If your child is infected, soothing their inflamed tissues can be as easy as rinsing eyes with Eyebright tea (Euphrasia officinalis) or the herbal tincture diluted in water, placing briefly steeped chamomile tea bags on closed lids for 15 minute intervals every few hours throughout the day, or just applying steamed anti-inflammatory-laden cabbage leaves to each lid. Of course, you could always just reserve some of your morning espresso for their peepers – the brew's natural acidity weakens and ultimately kills pink eye bacteria... just make sure the liquid has reached room temperature first!

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