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People Who Buy Less Red Meat Decrease Their Climate Impact
Credit: iStock/Steve Debenport
March 29, 2019
The study found that people whose food bill included a smaller share of red meat – no matter how large…
Is Processed Meat Really That Bad For You?
Credit: Photo by Peter Secan on Unsplash
January 13, 2019
New research has shown that consumption of processed meat is linked to an increased risk of breast cancer in women.…
A Red Meat Tax Could Save Lives, New Research Shows
November 14, 2018
New research shows that taxing red meat could save 220,000 lives and raise $170 billion to contribute to healthcare around…
Red Meat Consumption Increases Colon Cancer Risk for Women, Study Finds
April 3, 2018
A new study points to a significant cancer risk for women who consume red meat as compared to those women…
Cancer-Causing Gene in Red Meat and Fish Identified
December 28, 2017
Scientists have identified a gene in certain types of red meat and fish that may put humans at greater risk…
Eating Red Meat Makes You as Fat as if You Were Guzzling Sugar
August 17, 2016
Think eating red meat instead of donuts is better for your waistline? New research says red meat works just like…
Vegans Have the Last Laugh (Literally): Red Meat Linked to Earlier Death
August 3, 2016
Yeah, go ahead and make fun of vegans all you want, but a new study says they're more likely to…
If you want to look young, stay away from red meat.
May 6, 2016
Red meat has had a bad year, and it's about to get worse because a group of researchers just discovered…
New U.S. Dietary Guidelines Limit Sugar and Salt but Have One Disturbing Omission
January 8, 2016
Despite hints to the contrary, the 2016 federal dietary guidelines do not include any overt limitations of meat or encouragements…
Prop 65 Cancer Warning Labels on Meat Likely in California
October 29, 2015
California says it's moving toward a Prop 65 cancer warning label for meats in light of the World Health Organization's…