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3 Natural Seasonings Worth Their Salt: Pink Sea Salt, Black Salt, and More!
April 6, 2016
Do you know your way around the many types of salt? From pink sea salt to salt with charcoal, we've…
That sea salt you love could be filled with plastic.
December 14, 2015
Contaminated sea salt could be all over the food you eat and exposing you to harmful chemical endocrine disruptors.
Benefits of Sea Salt Spice Up Skin and Hair
November 12, 2015
Yes, the beauty benefits of sea salt go well beyond beachy waves. Find out how to spice up your beauty…
June 13, 2014
Himalayan salt benefits are so superior to other salts, that you'll wonder why in the world we still use the…
August 3, 2013
Cooking salt varieties are as vast as they are flavorful. Learn all about the salt options in this guide.
January 24, 2012
Does table salt have more sodium than gourmet sea salt? After some serious research (and turning up many conflicting studies),…
August 8, 2011
There are a variety of salts available aside from the standard table salt. They each have different tastes, textures and…
May 18, 2011
Want to get wavy hair without spending the day at the beach or your whole paycheck? Make this simple Sea…
April 20, 2011
Last fall, the fast-food chain Wendy's, introduced its Natural Cut Fries With Sea Salt, promoting with ads pointing to the…
February 24, 2011
Step up your culinary game at home. Get the 5 kitchen staples you need to make every meal foodie-worthy.