DIY Sea Salt Spray for You Boho Beach Goddesses

In a perfect world, summer would mean long, drowsy days spent lounging beachside – the warm breeze, loads of vitamin D, coconut creams and sea salt wafting through your hair. You’re left relaxed, smelling and looking like the beach – wavy, texturized hair that is oh-so sexy.

Well, real lives and real jobs generally afford limited days at the beach to perfect your boho tresses. Instead, arm yourself with this homemade Sea Salt Spray to bring the beach to you. This DIY hair product is simple, cheap and makes you look like you’ve just stepped off your favorite shoreline. Now, let’s just work on those vacation days…

Most of those ingredients in storebought brands, and especially the chemicals, are simply superfluous. Not to mention toxic and harmful when inhaled (it’s hard not to inhale something you’re spraying all over your head). When you jump the DIY train, you’ll be shocked to find how easy it is to keep your body in beauty without spending copious amounts of money on nasty chemicals or overpriced products. Once you’ve given our Sea Salt Spray a go, you’ll surely want to venture forth to our Effortless Homemade Hairspray and our Homemade Pomade that Rocks.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 cup of water

4 or 5 drops of the essential oil of your choosing, think beachy (vanilla?)

2 teaspoons of sea salt

Spray bottle (you’re bound to have one available for reuse from an old or outdated product)

Here’s what to do:

Just load your ingredients into your spray bottle – that’s it!

When you get out of the shower, spray your new Sea Salt Spray over your damp hair and scrunch up with your hands. Beachy tresses to go with summer, on the fly.

image: Ktoine