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January 14, 2015
I've cured my sugar addiction with self-hypnosis and I'll tell you how to make this miracle work for you!
Hypnotized Sugar Skull
January 7, 2015
Sugar is as destructive and addictive as cocaine! Can I cure my sugar addiction with self-hypnosis?
April 25, 2014
From Our Friends installment this week has all the latest and greatest from our partners and friends around the web.
March 14, 2014
Sugar cravings are causing a diabetes epidemic in this country. Some would even call it a war for your health.
November 20, 2012
Discover why you crave sugar to understand its hold on the human brain. Put the chocolate down and walk away…
August 27, 2012
If there's one common thread we share as Americans, it's a sugar addiction. But these low glycemic sweeteners can help…
March 7, 2012
New research shows that sugar can affect your brain in the same way heroine or cocaine does! Learn simple steps…
July 6, 2011
Too much sugar is bad for our health, period. But the sweet stuff is addictive, literally. Arm yourself with nature's…