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Farmer Josh is Bringing Ultra Local Food to NYC (and Asking Hard Questions About Our Food System)
July 11, 2017
Farmer Josh Lee's Green Top Farms endeavor allows New Yorkers to chomp down on local food – and ask questions…
Indoor Urban Farming Puts the 'Grow' in Grocery Store for a Berlin Supermarket
April 8, 2016
Indoor urban farming operations are nothing new, but what about a grocery store growing its own food? It's happening, in…
How to Design a Community Garden for More Than Food
February 9, 2016
In California, a community garden led to an ambitious plan to help residents connect, learn new skills, and make healthier…
Green City Growers installed raised bed gardens at Assembly Row
October 15, 2015
Green City Growers has installed small farms in neighborhoods, at restaurants, and on rooftops across Boston with the goal of…
October 1, 2015
A fish farm on your roof? That's the dream of the people behind Verticulture Farms, who are bringing aquaponics to…
urban farming brings oasis to south carolina food desert
September 17, 2015
Urban farming efforts like Fresh Future Farm in North Charleston, S.C., make fresh food more accessible to communities where fast…
floating farms
July 1, 2015
Floating farms may very well be the future of agriculture -- see three places in the world where this innovation…
With Urban Farming, 3 Guys in Queens Might Save the World
March 20, 2015
Ask the founders of Green Top Farms, and they'll say that urban farming can - and will - overhaul the…
November 26, 2014
On Earth Day 2012, a group of activists occupied the 104-acre Gill Tract to save it from corporate development and…
urban farming
September 3, 2014
San Francisco is giving hefty tax breaks for allowing urban farming on empty lots. Bonus: healthy, yummy, local food.