7 Fantastically Fall Baking Essentials for Under $50

Get your fall bake on with these must have tools.

7 Fantastically Fall Baking Essentials for Under $50
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Cooler temperatures and the upcoming holidays makes this the ideal baking time. Many of you might think nothing of turning on the oven to whip up a batch of lemon bars any time of year, but for most of us we don’t pull out our fall baking gear until autumn.

There is something about cooler evenings that makes a warm casserole filled with apple crisp seem like a good idea. That’s not to mention those Halloween parties, Thanksgiving dinners, and upcoming winter holiday events for which we are expected to bring a delightfully baked treat.

From pumpkin pie to grain-free cookies, get your bake on with these fall baking essentials that work whether you are a newbie or a pro–and which won’t break the bank.

Fall Baking Essentials Under $50

1. Autumn Delights Cakelette Pan

Do you have an abundance of late-season zucchini from the garden or you did you find some great Hubbard squashes at the farmers’ market? Turn them into festive bread or cakes. From Nordic Ware, this pan is made from cast aluminum, which ensures uniform baking. Top your baked goods with a zesty glaze or a simple dusting of confectioners’ sugar. $34

2. Leaf Pie Cutters, Set of 4

Decorate your homemade pies and desserts with decorative leaf shapes to add that extra fall touch. What makes this set different is that it has a spring-loaded plunger that easily release the fall shapes. There’s no digging out the dough from the cutter and ruining its shape. $12

Fall baking essentials.

3. Le Creuset Apple Pie Dish

This apple-shaped pie dish is perfect for creating pies, cobblers, tarts, crisps, and more. Choose from seasonal favorites like apple crisp, pecan tart, or pumpkin pie. Made from durable stoneware, this dish delivers beautiful oven-to-table presentation. $39

Fall baking essentials.

4. Harvest Bounty Loaf Pan

Here’s another eye-catching baking tool from Nordic Ware. Show up at Thanksgiving dinner or a potluck with a stuffed pumpkin bread made in this pan for a show-stopping sweet treat. This pan can help you turn a simple recipe into a really impressive dessert. $30

Fall baking essentials.

5. Mini Pumpkin Cocotte

These mini pumpkin-shaped cocottes are another choice for oven-to-table presentation. These can be used for serving savory dishes as well as for serving individual desserts like molten chocolate cake or pumpkin pudding. These ceramic cocottes are safe for the oven, microwave, freezer, and dishwasher. $29

Fall baking essentials.

6. Apple Peeler

Whether you plan on making apple pie, applesauce, or apple crisp, an apple peeler is a must have time saver. This triple action peeler cores, peels, and slices, which can save you valuable time in the kitchen. $19

7. Jacquard Acorn Apron

The baker needs to protect her clothes from inevitable spills while having fun in the kitchen! This cute Jacquard Acorn Apron will do just that. With two front pockets to easily stash cooking tools, an affordable price point, and easy machine wash material, it’s easy to say yes to this festive apron.  $19

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