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"Go Green and get healthy! Clean up your home, cleanse your body and free yourself from toxic chemicals in every aspect of your life!

The extra bonus? You'll help clean up the Earth too!"

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Dear Friend,

What if living a green lifestyle was as easy as:

  • Taking a deep breath
  • Eating your favorite food
  • Having a best friend over for a chat
  • Enjoying your favorite TV show

If it was that easy and affordable to go green, wouldn’t you be doing it by now?

Laura Klein’s Green Club has some great news: going green doesn’t have to be expensive, overwhelming or hard to do. The trick is doing it one step at a time. Going green in a friendly, effortless fashion that you can easily understand and relate to, helps too!

And wouldn't it be nice to save a little money along the way? You bet! And that is exactly why I am here.

The is my new membership site that will help you create a healthy home for you and your family, help reduce your exposure to everyday toxic chemicals and clean up the earth.

Why You Must Reduce Your Exposure To Toxic Chemicals

You may not realize it, but you’re surrounded by a sea of toxic chemicals, every day.

The home is the number one source of toxic chemicals and these chemicals are at the source of today's serious health diseases like asthma, cancer, learning disorders and more. I would venture to say that everyone who reads this page knows someone who is suffering from one of these diseases.

Additionally, over the years there has also been a steady increase of reproductive disorders and birth defects. These serious disorders are also related to everyday toxic chemical exposure.

The Washington DC research group, Environmental Working Group conducted a random study in 2004 that analyzed umbilical cord blood from newborns
for toxic chemicals.

What they found was SHOCKING.
Each newborn's blood was contaminated with hundreds of industrial chemical compounds including flame retardants, plasticizers, pesticides, and even PCBs that were banned in the 1970s.

The scientists and researchers uncovered 287 chemicals swimming in the baby's cord blood including:

  • 180 chemicals that cause cancer in humans or animals
  • 208 that cause abnormal development or birth defects
  • and a whopping 217 that are toxic to the brain and nervous system

These chemicals were passed on to the newborn from the mother. That means these same chemicals could be circulating in your body. When you expose yourself to the same toxic soup of chemicals found in your food, personal care and home cleaning products, on a daily basis you are risking your life.

It is my mission to help you reduce your exposure to these everyday toxic chemicals, and help you become an EMPOWERED CONSUMER.

By doing so, you are actively engaging in a huge form of PREVENTION, which could mean: less doctor visits in the future, which translates into money saved on: expensive doctor visits, prescription drugs, increased health insurance rates and reduces your risk of serious diseases like cancer.

I am not a doctor and this information is not intended to replace the advice of a health care professional and is not intended as medical advice. I am simply sharing with you what I have learned through my years of research on toxic chemicals in consumer products, pesticides used on our foods and so much more.

Going Green Helps You Live a Healthier Life!

Going green and reducing the toxic chemical load on your body will improve you and your family's health by reducing your body's stress level, increase your energy levels, and a nice side effect is, you might even lose weight! All simply by going green in every area of your life, from your food, your personal care products, home and more.

And along the way, you’ll be contributing to a greener, healthier globe!

With my program, you’ll learn how to live a green lifestyle and reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals found in food, personal care products, home products and more. And I'll teach you how to do it effortlessly and affordably!

Free your home of these nasty toxins, all of which are contributors to serious illnesses and diseases, from cancer to Alzheimer’s to asthma and more.

Laura Klein Green Club Top Tip:
Even if you’re covered by insurance, getting sick is expensive.

Living green impacts your long-term health in a deeply positive way, it is a powerful form of active prevention.

Going Green Can Be Affordable!

One of my biggest beliefs is that you shouldn’t have to choose between living a green lifestyle and saving money. My tips and tricks will show you how you can completely green your life affordably.

For every product that's loaded with toxic chemicals on the market, there is an affordable, safe alternative.

I have done all of the work and research for you. Inside, I give you my list of product recommendations and solutions so you don't have to waste hours searching the internet , or waste money on products that don't work.

I cut through all of technical stuff and jargon and put it in easy to read format and action steps for you. And this is just a small portion of what I share with you on the inside of

As I uncover more information through my continuous research , I will share with you all of my knowledge, tips and tricks that will make your life a whole heck of a lot easier when it comes to going green on a budget for your health and home.

Laura Klein Green Club Top Tip

$$Prioritize your shopping list – and know where ‘organic’ counts
Meats, dairy and sweet fruits are the most important products to ‘choose organic.’ When making your shopping list, keep this in mind.

Going Green Can Be Easy!

We’ve heard it time and time again…”I want to go green. But I don’t know where to start!”

Living a green life doesn’t have to be complicated. shows you where to begin, and works with you every step of the way en route to a healthier, greener lifestyle for you and your family! And like eating a bit of your favorite food or chatting with your best friend, it can be fulfilling, fun and knowyou are making a difference by creating a healthier world for you and the earth.

If you’ve wanted to ‘go green,’ but felt:

  • Overwhelmed
  • Intimidated
  • Confused
  • Don't know where to begin

…than the is exactly what you’ve been waiting for!

Going Green Gives You So Much!

You’ll experience countless benefits by living a green lifestyle:

  • You’ll be actively using one of the most powerful healing tools for the human body we have on the planet - organic foods.
  • You’ll discover how to go green on a budget – it is possible
  • You'll save money with my easy do-it-yourself cleaning and organic spa recipes
  • You’ll lose weight naturally and healthfully while enjoying delicious foods.
  • You'll become an empowered consumer as a skilled ingredient detective.
  • You’ll get instant access to me your personal green lifestyle expert.
  • You’ll increase your nutritional intake by greening your kitchen, including delicious organic, local and seasonal indulgences as seen in recipes, tips, tools and more.
  • You’ll purify the air throughout your home by learning all about green cleaning products and easy home maintenance.
  • You’ll look and feel better than ever with effective green personal care products.
  • You’ll be a part of an exclusive green community of like-minded individuals.
  • You’ll learn from other renowned green and health experts in exclusive downloadable interviews.

Laura Klein Green Club Top Tip
Experts estimate that there are between 300 and 500 chemicals in our body. Here is a partial list of hidden ‘ingredients’ that are a health risk and may be lurking in your food, personal care, home products and more!

  • Coal Tar
  • Phthalates
  • Formaldehyde
  • Baineter

Rest Assured with Step-by-Step Guidance

This program is based upon my one-on-one in home consultation service that starts at $500. Now you can do-it-yourself at a fraction of the cost!

My online system, including my exclusive program, 90 Days to Healthy Green Living, offers specific guidance in simple language. Using the system, you’ll green your life effortlessly, affordably and actually have fun doing it!

Laura Klein Green Club Top Tip:
Attending regular meetings has long been the critical key to success for weight loss programs like Weight Watchers and others.

Likewise, the support of like-minded community members at Laura Klein’s Green Club will enhance your success rate and have you going green for good, once and for all!

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From the Organic Authority Files

Get Clear, User-Friendly Advice and Answers

With the at your side, you can say goodbye to confusion, intimidation and feeling overwhelmed. Say hello to effortlessly knowingwhere to begin and getting the support you need from me and our like-minded, interactive, fun community of people just like you!

You can stop feeling weird around friends and family who think the green thing is strange. You'll discover how to lead by example and become the envy of your friends and family as they watch you lose weight, get healthy, and get your life back.

Laura Klein Green Club Top Tip:
Adding organic whole foods to your diet will help you lose weight for life.

Believe it! According to Dr. Paula Baillie-Hamilton, a noted U.K. physician, synthetic chemicals – many of which are found in packaged foods, including ‘diet’ products – potentially ‘poison’ critical parts of our weight control system, causing weight gain.

Organic foods compliment the body’s physiology – over the years, I have lost a total of 30 pounds simply by eating an almost all organic diet.

Become the Empowered Consumer!

Goodbye uniformed consumer, hello smart and savvy lifestyle! You’ll discover which products are truly green and healthy for you and which are ‘greenwashed’ – a term for products that are marketed as green, but may not necessarily be green. Plus, the lively Laura Klein’s Green Club community is a constant source of sharing, caring and inspiration!

Laura Klein Green Club Top Tip:
Labels such as "all natural" are meaningless: consider the fact that arsenic and mercury are also “all natural.”

Know more -- and take control – when you join Laura Klein’s Green Club.

Partner with A Real Green Advocate

In culinary school, it was the amazing flavor of organic foods that opened my eyes to the superior quality of a of organic foods and toxin-free lifestyle. I could have cared less about organic foods and green living, I thought it was for the birds! As a passionate foodie, all I cared about in culinary school, was what produced the best tasting end product.

What I discovered is, organic foods are key to superior tasting dishes and
is the secret behind famed chefs around the world.

Now as the nation’s most passionate green advocate, I am confident that once you discover the health and happiness benefits implicit in a green lifestyle, you’ll never go back!

As a ‘Green Healthy Home’ Consultant, I assist families in converting their homes to a greener – and hence, healthier – abode. I've also taught Green Living workshops to women and families.

I am so passionate about helping people make better choices and reduce their exposure to toxic chemicals I created the Laura Klein Green Car Cleaning line that is now available at Sam’s Club. Every product is made from sustainable ingredients that biodegrade within 7 days, and includes only 100% pure aromatherapeutic essential oils with no synthetic fragrance. Three of Laura Klein’s GREEN CAR™ products proudly display the EPA’s DfE seal, which means a scientific review team has screened each ingredient for potential human health and environmental effects.

I have been featured as an organic food and living expert on TheFood Network,The OC Body Show, the Females Uncut radio show and as a guest on Fine Living’s Shopping With Chefs. Malibu TimesMagazine, Woman’s World and Arizona Nutrition. Several other publications have turned to me for insider advice on how to live a greener, healthier lifestyle. My television show, Better Living with Laura Klein, will air on JLTV.

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What People Are Saying

"After consulting with Laura Klein, I have changed my life. I'm on my way to a completely organic lifestyle and feeling better than ever. My allergies are nearly gone!" - Dr. John Spencer Ellis, Fitness & Lifestyle Personality for TV and Radio

“I believe in good health. Laura Klein has in-depth knowledge about organic food and green living that keeps us healthy and live longer. She is an ideal person to consult about the toxic items in your home. If you are a pregnant mother or parent with young children, you must call her NOW. You cannot afford not to ask for a consultation from her...” Feng Shui Master Kwai Lan Chan -

“Laura Klein is the Queen of Green. When I looked to make significant changes in living a more 'Green Life' I sought the expertise of Laura at Organic Authority. She not only offers great advice, she personally offers her services to come to your home to personalize how to make changes in your everyday living. Her newsletter is a valuable resource for up to date Green information, articles, and incredible organic recipes. If you are seeking the benefits of 'living green' look no further than the Queen of Green, Laura Klein! Thank you Laura!” Sheila Mielcarek, Real Estate Developer & Investor, Phoenix Arizona

"Laura breaks down all the overwhelming complex ideas about nutrition into simple, easy to understand concepts. She excels in bringing balance to the nutrition formula. Most people give up once they fall off the wagon, but Laura teaches people to be patient with themselves and to realize that they are making life-long changes. I highly recommend her products to anyone that is serious about changing the way they look and feel forever. N.H. - Travel Leisure Consultant

“Laura is amazing! She not only opened my eyes to the harmful things I have been putting into my body but she gave me cost effective, easy replacements for my everyday items. She never pressured me. She never made me feel guilty for not going entirely organic. She just taught me simple practical ways to get healthy and add organics into my daily life. I used to be a calorie counter, and now that I have incorporated delicious organic, whole foods into my diet, I have stopped this habit, and have kept the weight off." I can't say enough about Laura, Laura's consulting services!” Allie Longoria Co-founder,, Commercial Real Estate Investor & Attorney

"I've been going organic for over 6 months now, not completely, but substituting as much as possible when shopping at the Supermarket. My main objective in my diet is to cut out high fructose corn syrup, sometimes I just can't avoid it. America's waistband has expanded after that crap was invented. I have lost about 15 pounds and am in the best shape of my life!" C.D., Air Force Pilot, Tucson, Arizona

“Consulting with Laura Klein has been invaluable. I am healthier then ever, with more energy and vigor to reach my dreams and goals and have finally understood what held me back from losing the extra 15 pounds I have been dying to lose. Laura showed me how to effortlessly and affordably get into green living by helping me transition to a healthy organic diet and go green in all areas of my life including cleaning up my home and environment of dangerous toxic chemicals. I know I have done my self and the planet a huge favor by investing in her program. Thank you, Laura.” Koz Khosravani, Internet Marketing Expert

"Laura breaks down all the overwhelming complex ideas about nutrition into simple, easy to understand concepts. She excels in bringing balance to the nutrition formula. Most people give up once they fall off the wagon once but Laura teaches people to be patient with themselves and to realize that they are making life-long changes. I highly recommend her products to anyone that is serious about changing the way they look and feel forever." Nina H, Dallas, Texas

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I Know Your Busy, But…

Living green is merely an extension of healthful living, and it begins with simple small changes that you implement on a daily basis, and we'll hold your hand and walk you through the whole process. And I can’t think of anything worth more of your time than your health.

And since the entire program is online, it’s available any time you are! Whether it’s the middle of the night, during your lunch break or once a week, Laura Klein’s Green Club is there. Tip-filled emails, lively forums (archived for easy access) and click-ready online tools make it convenient for Laura Klein’s Green Club to fit into your schedule.

Laura Klein’s Green Club is all about making small changes that add up over time, so there’s never a timetable to stress about!

Enroll Me Now!

What You Get As A Member

  • My 90-day step-by-step guide for detoxing your food, home, personal care products and more.
  • Daily newsletters from my 90 day program to keep you on track as to how to incorporate green and healthy living tips into your daily life.
  • Discover how to lose weight for life by going organic, and uncover why chemicals could be making you fat and preventing you from losing weight.
  • Top tips for delicious meals that fill you up with nutrients, not chemicals
  • Discover how you can lead by example and influence friends and family to follow your direction (so they don't think you are weird).
  • Get inspired and stay inspired with support from me, Laura and other like-minded members through our forums, community and newsletter campaigns.
  • Ask Laura and the community your most burning questions, post and share your favorite recipes, tips and tricks with other members.
  • Learn my personal evaluation process for qualifying and purchasing healthy personal care, cleaning products, consumer products and more.
  • Discover my process for reading product labels to learn which products are truly green vs. “green washed.”
  • Get instant access to my product recommendations and buyer’s guide for home, personal care products and more, so you won’t have to guess anymore which products are healthy for you and which are not.
  • Get my top list of ingredients to avoid in your personal care products. Yes, that means your shampoo, deodorant, and lotions – you’ll be blown away by the nasty ingredients used in everyday brands.
  • Get tons of money saving do-it-yourself solutions for cleaning and beautifying your home.
  • Create your own organic spa treatments with my crazy affordable do-it-yourself recipes.
  • Tips on how to go green for your pets – it’s just as important for their health as it is for yours!
  • An exclusive “Ask Laura” section where I answer your questions.
  • Instant access to premium content and exclusive monthly interviews with healthy-living experts like David Wolfe, Joyce O'Brien, David Hall and more.
  • Support and advice from fellow members – people who are just as serious and conscious about green and becoming healthy as you are!
  • Instant access to the same system I use for my consulting sessions that start at $500, for a fraction of the cost.

By now you may have noticed how excited I am about Laura Klein’s Green Club. I’d love for you to join me, and to get you just as pumped as I am, and I am offering several – FREE FAST ACTION– bonuses, if you sign up today!

Take advantage of the following useable, vital information that will get you started with a bang when you sign up for Laura Klein’s Green Club.

Fast Action Bonus #1 In addition to ALL the bonuses below... If you're one of the first FIVE people to enroll in the program, you are going to get a VERY special treat... I'll give you a 30 minute PRIVATE, ONE-ON-ONE coaching session via the phone so we can address and conquer your personal biggest obstacles to getting healthy and Going Green. If you've ever had a one-on-one session with me, then you know how POWERFUL this can be. I'll cut through the clutter in your mind, emotions and life so that you can create the healthiest home and life you and your family DESERVE.
* And you'll also get a recording of our session together so that you can listen to it over and over again as many times as you need to... and every time you listen to it, something else will "sink in" to an even DEEPER level. I charge $197 for a 1 hour phone consultation and This "FAST ACTION" Bonus is valued at $98.50.

Enroll Me Now!

Fast Action Bonus #2 Laura Klein’s Green Home Cleaning Guide: Get 40 pages chock full of my own money-saving, do-it-yourself home cleaning products, and kiss chemical-filled cleaning products goodbye! This "FAST ACTION" Bonus is valued at $19.97.

Enroll Me Now!

Fast Action Bonus #3 Eat Green, Get Healthy, Lose Weight Learn from Laura Klein how eating green will not only make you healthier, it will help you lose weight! Several years ago, I lost 30 pounds eating ‘green’ and have kept the weight off ever since. Here, I share my ‘how to’ with you. This "FAST ACTION" Bonus is valued at $19.97.

Enroll Me Now!

Fast Action Bonus #4

My special report from will help you get started on the green health path, and you can share it with your friends who want to go green.
This Special Report is sold by "Expert Summaries" for $49.

Enroll Me Now!

Fast Action Bonus #5 One Month of Laura Klein’s Green Club. Get Laura Klein’s personal guidance for living green in all areas of your home, for 30 days. This "FAST ACTION" Bonus is valued at $19.97.

Get all of the above for only $1. And, although I am certain you’ll love the personalized consultation, advice, interviews and more that I offer on, you can cancel at any time!

These bonuses are valued at over $207.00!
But their TRUE value is priceless.

I can't wait to see you inside!

Get Healthy With Green Living,

Laura Klein
Green Living Expert


The information in is not intended to replace the advice of a health care professional and is not intended as medical advice. It is intended as a sharing of knowledge and information from the research and experience of Laura Klein and her community. Laura Klein encourages you to make your own health care decisions based upon your research and in partnership with a qualified health care professional.

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