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Osso Buco Served with Wild Mushroom Risotto


Serves 6


5 1/2 lbs of grassfed bison osso buco shank or other grassfed or certified organic shank meat of choice
1 tablespoon of butter
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 cup of flour
2 cups diced brown onion
2 carrots diced
6 cloves of garlic smashed and minced
2 medium leeks washed and sliced
2 bay leafs
2 1/2 lbs of fresh tomatoes roughly chopped
1/2 cup of red wine
1/2 cup of pomegranate juice
1 cup of beef stock
Zest of 1 lemon
2 tablespoons of chopped parsley
Fresh cracked pepper


Heat a large Dutch oven or other large braising pan over medium high heat. Add butter and olive oil to pan.

Place about 1 – 1 1/2 cups of flour in a bowl. Dredge shanks in flour and generously salt and pepper to taste.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Quickly brown both sides of meat in on medium high heat and remove from pan. If necessary add equal amounts of oil and butter and heat through. Add vegetables, garlic. Sauté until tender and lightly brown (about 7 minutes). Add tomatoes and crush with wooden spoon if necessary. Add wine, pomegranate juice and bay leaves. Cover and simmer until liquid has reduced by half. Add stock, cover and simmer slowly over until bison is tender about 4 – 6 hours.

Make Wild Mushroom and Black Truffle Risotto while Osso Bucco cooks

Add parsley and lemon zest, taste and adjust seasonings to taste. Serve with Wild Mushroom and Black Truffle Risotto

Note: Because you follow an organic lifestyle, recommends using certified organic ingredients, when available, in all recipes to maximize flavors and nutrition while minimizing your risk of exposure to pesticides, chemicals and preservatives.

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