31 Vegan Breakfast Recipes That’ll Make You Happy You’re Awake

Vegan Breakfast Recipes

Looking for a delicious idea for a vegan breakfast? How about 31 of them? We’ve pulled some of the tastiest, most nutritious vegan breakfast recipes from all around the web, to give you more than enough choices to get your day off to a tasty start. Make a different one every day for a month! Yum!

Quick Vegan Breakfast Recipes

avocado toast

Photography by Jim Hensley & Nina Dreyer Hensley.

1. Avocado Toast with Lemon and Chile

This classic is just as tasty for breakfast or lunch, and it’s also one of the fastest recipes you can make. All you need for a good avocado toast is a perfectly ripe avocado and your favorite bread, making this pairing perfect for mornings on the go.

muesli recipe

Image: B2

2. Homemade Muesli

This delicious muesli features spices and a variety of dried fruits — cranberries, apples, currants, and dates all add sweetness and flavor, so added sugar isn’t necessary to make this a tasty morning treat.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Shake

Chocolate peanut butter smoothie image via Shutterstock

3. Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Shake

This chocolate shake is rich in flavor but also in nutrients. The base is made from frozen banana, peanut butter, dates, almond milk, and cacao, for a sweet, rich, protein-packed treat to enjoy first thing in the morning.

goji bars

Image via Camilla Salsbury, author of Power Hungry

4. Get Up and Goji Bars

While these bars do demand a bit of effort at the onset, once they’re made, they’re as easy as their name suggests. Dates, raw nut butter, oats, goji berries, cashews, and coconut make up a sweet and nourishing bar that’s perfect for days when you just don’t have the time for anything more complicated.

almond butter smoothie

Image: Karissa Bowers

5. Dreamy Almond Butter Smoothie

For a flavorful, protein-rich smoothie first thing in the morning, this 5-ingredient drink is sublime — bananas for creaminess, dates for sweetness, and both almond milk and almond butter round it out with tons of nutty flavor. A dash of cinnamon, and breakfast is ready to go.

coconut yogurt parfait

Yogurt parfait image via Shutterstock

6. Coconut Yogurt Parfait

This easy-to-make coconut yogurt parfait makes weekday breakfasts special. The parfaits look impressive, but they’re actually super easy to make, as long as the chai ice cubes are already in your freezer. Coconut yogurt, almond butter, dates, and spices form the base, which is layered with granola, fruit, and maple syrup.

green smoothie

Green smoothie image via Shutterstock

7. Green Smoothie

Green smoothies are the ideal way to get your day off to a good start — this recipe is more a set of guidelines, designed to help you create endless green smoothie choices for a vitamin boost first thing in the morning.

Savory Vegan Breakfast Recipes

Rye and Whole-Wheat Flour Sourdough Vegan Bread Recipe

Loaves of Bread image from Shutterstock

8. Vegan Sourdough Bread

This vegan sourdough bread is the perfect base for a lot of vegan breakfast recipes, from simple toast to more elaborate breakfast sandwiches. As a fermented bread, it is far easier to digest than traditional breads, and the rye flour adds great flavor and nutrients.

Fiesta style breakfast potatoes

Image: Karissa Bowers

9. Fiesta-Style Breakfast Potatoes

These tasty Mexican-inspired potatoes feature a spiced cashew cream and a pineapple pico de gallo for a fresh, flavorful treat.

quinoa patties

Quinoa patties image via Shutterstock

10. Quinoa Patties

These gluten-free quinoa patties combine flavorful ingredients like kale, sweet potato, sun-dried tomatoes, sunflower seeds, and basil for a breakfast that’s sure to get you off on the right foot.

tofu scramble

Tofu scramble image via Shutterstock

11. Tofu Scramble

There may not be scrambled eggs on your vegan breakfast menu, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a scramble. This tasty southwestern tofu scramble features just as much vegetable as it does tofu, for a breakfast rich in both protein and vitamins.

raw vegan cheese

Vegan raw cheese image via Shutterstock

12. Raw Vegan Cheese

This vegan cheese will make for some tasty toast first thing in the morning. The cheese is made from puréed raw cashews, nutritional yeast, and just enough white wine and lemon juice for the tang of goat’s cheese without any of the dairy.

chickpea omelete

Omelet image via Shutterstock

13. Chickpea Omelet

Chickpea omelets are a delicious vegan staple. Once you learn to make the base, you can fill your omelet with all sorts of flavors, from fresh herbs to leftover sautéed vegetables from the night before.

vegan spinach quiche

Spinach quiche image via Shutterstock

14. Vegan Spinach Quiche

Quiches aren’t out of the vegan purview — this spinach quiche uses tofu as the base for the filling. The quiche is just as tasty hot as cold; bake it up for dinner and grab leftovers in the morning for a quick yet delicious breakfast.

asparagus socca

Socca image via Shutterstock

15. Asparagus Socca

Socca is a traditional chickpea flour flatbread from the south of France that is both gluten-free and vegan. This easy-to-make version features fresh herbs and asparagus.

Sweet Vegan Breakfast Recipes

fruit salad with vegan coconut cream

Photo Credit: Average Jane

16. Fruit Salad with Vegan Coconut Cream

This fresh fruit salad gets an extra bit of sweetness with homemade coconut cream, made by whipping canned coconut milk with maple syrup and a touch of vanilla.

gluten free vegan banana bread

Banana Bread Image from Shutterstock

17. Gluten-Free Vegan Banana Bread

This heavily spiced banana bread is not only vegan, it’s also gluten free. Made with a combination of oat flour, almond flour, brown rice flour, and amaranth flour, this bread is rich in nutrients and perfect for a slightly sweet breakfast.

vegan pumpkin muffins

Pumpkin Muffins in Baking Pan Image from Shutterstock

18. Vegan Pumpkin Muffins

These vegan pumpkin muffins are made with a gluten-free flour blend of almond and gluten-free oats and sweetened with low-glycemic coconut palm sugar. A great option for an on-the-go vegan breakfast, they’re just as delicious paired with a cup of coffee in the afternoon.

chocolate chip zucchini bread recipe

Zucchini Bread Image from Shutterstock

19. Vegan Zucchini Bread

This teff flour chocolate chip zucchini bread is spiced with cinnamon and sweetened with either maple or agave syrup. Walnuts add a bit more heft and protein to the bread, making it an even more filling breakfast option.

blueberry muffins

Fresh Blueberry Muffins from Shutterstock

20. Vegan Blueberry Muffins

These vegan blueberry muffins are made with gluten-free brown rice flour and ground flax seeds and sweetened with applesauce, for a surprisingly guilt-free on-the-go breakfast.

vegan sweet potato granola

Image: Angelique Panagos

21. Vegan Sweet Potato Granola

This unique granola is made with a gluten-free blend of nuts, seeds, and coconut and sweetened not with sugar but with a homemade sweet potato purée.

vegan paleo coffee blondies

22. Vegan Paleo Coffee Blondies

This recipe has a pleasantly short ingredients list, featuring almond butter, coconut sugar, instant coffee, applesauce, coconut oil, almond flour, and baking soda. Soft and chewy, these blondies mimic the original in texture but offer an extra kick of coffee flavor (and much-needed caffeine).

Vegan Pancakes with Orange Moscato Syrup

Photographs © 2015 by Rodale Inc.

23. Vegan Pancakes with Orange Moscato Syrup

For a special occasion brunch, these vegan pancakes with orange moscato syrup are perfection, pairing nicely with a mimosa (or two!). Pine nuts add an extra depth of flavor.

Vegan Pancakes with Orange Moscato Syrup

Image: Karissa Bowers

24. Berry Açai Bowl

This smoothie bowl is made with a blend base of frozen açai, banana, strawberries, almond milk, and dates. You can top it with anything you like, from homemade granola to fresh fruit to nuts and seeds.

25. Berry Chia Pudding

Serve the simple chia pudding (depicted up top) with homemade berry sauce and whatever fresh fruit you like. The pudding itself is easy to prep the night before thanks to a short ingredients list — chia seeds, almond milk, maple syrup, and vanilla essence — for an easy-to-serve breakfast in the morning.

vegan waffles

Waffle image via Shutterstock

26. Vegan Waffles

These light and fluffy vegan waffles feature blueberries in the batter and are topped with even more fruit in the form of a homemade berry compote. A sweet coconut whip makes these an extra-special treat.

Vegan Blueberry Scones

Blueberry scones image via Shutterstock

27. Vegan Blueberry Scones

These vegan blueberry scones have a unique twist with the addition of rosemary. They’re also just as rich as their traditional counterparts, thanks to a generous amount of coconut oil.

raw vegan energy balls

Raw vegan balls image via Shutterstock

28. Raw Vegan Energy Balls

These bliss balls are a delicious pick-me-up in the afternoon, but they’re just as tasty first thing in the morning. Have a few alongside your favorite green smoothie for a balanced breakfast.

plum crumb cake

Plum cake image via Shutterstock

29. Plum Crumb Cake

This streusel-topped coffee cake features a sweet layer of jammy plums between the tender cake and the sweet, spiced streusel. If plums aren’t in season where you are, they can easily be swapped out for another fruit so that you can enjoy this breakfast with your coffee all year long.

vegan croissants

Croissants image via Shutterstock

30. Vegan Croissants

It might seem tough to make croissants without butter, but these vegan croissants are nearly as flaky and just as tasty as the original, thanks to vegan butter and almond milk. You’ll even learn the secret to vegan egg wash with this recipe.

chocolate chia pudding

Chocolate chia pudding image via Shutterstock

31. Chocolate Chia Pudding

This chocolate chia pudding is chock-a-block with superfoods, from raw cacao to pink Himalayan salt to goji berries. You can also add your choice of toppings, like crystallized ginger or fresh fruit, for even more flavor and nutrients.

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