My Quest for Pure, Organic Skin Care

Do you know what chemicals are in your natural and organic products?

In my quest to live a more sustainable and organic lifestyle, one of my goals has been to uncover and discover personal beauty products that are organic and chemical free. You may wonder why I add chemical free to my qualifications. You may think organic products must be chemical free because they are organic, right? Wrong.

There are many personal care products that carry the organic label and claim they are “all natural and organic” but they are not chemical free. How can a product make this claim and contain synthetic chemicals? The government does not require the cosmetic industry to test the chemicals they put in their products for safety. Additionally the cosmetic companies are not monitored by the government thus allowing questionable synthetic chemicals to find their way into personal products.

Yet when it comes to labeling products and produce as “organic,” the USDA has instituted semi-stringent labeling standards on organic products, or products that contain organic ingredients. If a product has the USDA organic label with a 70% on the label this means 70% of the ingredients are organic. Potentially the remaining ingredients, or the other 30%, may contain or may all be synthetic chemicals such as parabens and laurel/laureth sulfates.

Why doesn’t the government require testing of synthetic chemicals? The National Toxicology program a division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services acknowledges the risks shown in lab studies but states that the US population is exposed to theses chemicals at levels too low for the population to be at risk (Source, The Wall Street Journal, January 14, 2005 )

The FDA’s website states,

“The regulatory requirements governing the sale of cosmetics are not as stringent as those that apply to other FDA-regulated products. Manufacturers may use any ingredient or raw material, except for color additives and a few prohibited substances, to market a product without a government review or approval.”

Yet the question remains, does the government take into consideration repetitive, long term, exposure to these chemicals on a recurring daily basis? Scientists are now finding that the human body stores many of these synthetic chemicals for life and can not eliminate them. The skin is the largest organ of the human body and what you put on it is absorbed into the human blood stream. Just as you carefully pick organic fruits and vegetables, one should carefully consider the personal products you put on your skin and in your hair. If you don’t want synthetic chemicals circulating in your blood stream, just as you don’t with pesticides and toxic chemicals, don’t put them on your body or in your hair. Choose your personal products wisely and get to know the ingredients.

Kim Erickson author of Drop Dead Gorgeous states, “Some cosmetic chemicals accumulate in the body’s fatty tissues, where they can remain for years and damage your cells.” As an example, a study, reported in the January 2004 edition of the Journal of Applied Toxicology, found parabens the most common cosmetic preservative present in significant amounts in 18 out of 20 breast cancer tumors.

Something is just not right with these standards and practices. The USDA requires companies to pay large amounts of money to update their manufacturing systems so they can put the organic label on their product. Additionally organic farmers are required to pass rigorous tests that meet certain certification standards so they can get the USDA certified organic label. Yet the synthetic chemicals that are added to theses personal products are never tested for human safety. Something is wrong.

Lets take a look at a couple of synthetic chemicals that have come under fire, parabens and laurel/laureth sulfates. Unless you read and study product labels, you probably have never heard of these synthetic chemicals.

Parabens are used in many personal products as a preservative to extend the shelf life of products. Parabens are known to be toxic and cause allergic skin reactions. There are several types of parabens. You can recognize this chemical under numerous names such as Methyparaben, Propylparaben, and Sobutylparaben. Basically, any chemical name that contains the word “paraben,” is a paraben. These chemicals can be found in face and body moisturizers, body wash, cleansers, liquid hand soap, sunscreen, toothpaste, hairspray, mascara, etc. For a whole list of products that contain this chemical you can visit Environmental Working Group’s website. Whole parabens have been found in samples of breast cancer tumors but a direct scientific link has yet to be made (source: ).

Laurel/laureth sulfates/sodium lauryl sulfates is a detergent used in shampoos for its foam creating abilities. It is known to cause, skin rashes, eye irritation, and even hair loss. It is frequently disguised in pseudo-natural cosmetics with the parenthetic explanation “comes from coconut.”

As a consumer, know you have a choice. If you want a truly pure chemical free product they are out there. You just have to know how to read labels and decide if you want a pure chemical free product. If you come across ingredients on a product label that you are not familiar with and they sound like they came from your high school’s chemistry lab, you should probably find out more about the ingredients in question. To do this you can go to the Environmental Working Group’s website. They will tell you if the chemical has ever been tested for human safety and what it is commonly used for.

You would be surprised at the uses of the synthetic chemicals commonly found in cosmetic and personal care products. The same chemicals used in these products are used in industrial manufacturing processes to grease gears, clean industrial equipment and scour a cement floor. Chemicals used to clean industrial equipment may not be the safest choice with which to wash one’s face. Some of these chemicals are linked to cancer, birth defects and other health problems that continue to rise in the human race.

To date I have found three skin care lines that are truly pure and the majority of the ingredients are organic. I will review these skin care products in an upcoming blog as I use them.

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  • John Dicus  June 15, 2005 at 3:54 am

    Aveda is a company that tries very hard to use organic products and non-harmful materials. You can read their info including products and mission statement at

  • joshua estrin  July 29, 2005 at 12:15 pm

    I must say I am not one to take the kind of care for my skin that I should…

    This article made me want to take action, but safely thank you for the information

    joshua estrin

  • Tonya  September 14, 2005 at 4:00 am

    Organic products are also naturally discovered ones. So let there be no confusion between a man-made and naturally occuring product.

  • susan capparelle  December 16, 2005 at 9:28 am

    the only body care product i have found to be truly organic in almost 20 yrs of looking is Aubrey Organics. It is the best.

  • sheabutter411  January 12, 2006 at 1:53 pm

    Hello and Happy New Year to you all!!! For all of my natural product junkies, I would like to introduce a new and improved natural skin care product: GRADE A SHEA BUTTER!!! I know you’ve heard of shea butter before, and if you haven’t here’s the chance to learn more. The reason I referred to this skin care product as new and improved is because at the American Shea Butter Institute we promote Grade A Shea Butter.

    Grade A Shea Butter is the highest quality of shea in the entire world. At the Institute, we are dedicated to upholding the highest standards for shea butter in the U.S. One of the many services we provide is the testing and grading of shea samples from clients in cosmetic, food, natural healing/spa, medical and pharmaceutical industries amongst others from all over the world! So if you are a faithful user of shea butter or just an amateur exploring the advantages of natural skin care products, look no further ASBI has the information you need.

    Please feel free to visit our web site at to learn more about the services we offer at ASBI and the future of shea butter in the United States and beyond.

  • roxann mills  January 13, 2006 at 7:07 pm

    Thanks for your great site. I AM SO SICK of being lied to by skin care companies. I eat mostly organic but to be honest didn’t pay a lot of attention to hair and skin care products. I would see organic and just buy it. Then one day not to long ago I began reading and was literally horrified
    at what I read. So I began my research on the web, reading scientific journals and sites like yours.

    Then I began to ask before I bought cosmetics and skin care. What I found was that the sales reps who promised that their line didn’t use any synthetic ingredients, where just plain wrong, misinformed, or worse. I just got off the phone with an Aveda rep who told me that the parabens they use are all natural and so are the dyes in their lip liner. I can’t find any information on Parabens being Natural and good for you. Then yesterday while shopping at Whole Foods, trying to find a organic shampoo without SLS or strange ingredients, I read the Whole foods 365 shampoo label that stated, their Sodium Lauryl Sulfate “comes from coconut.” They make a point of setting the record straight, on their shampoo and stating that their is a lot of misinformation and this is in fact an okay ingredient!

    Yet, I can’t seem to find any article that tells me when SLS stays in its pure from, coconut and doesn’t become a toxic by-product. All I have read is that it’s NEVER okay and just because it starts its journey from a coconut, is nowhere close to what it becomes in the manufacturing process which turns it into a synthetic ingredient. I’m still confused here, do I have to send a sample to a lab to find out if its, natural or a synthetic by-product from a natural source?

    I was told this evening by the Aveda rep to go to Aveda’s website and they would clear up any misconceptions I had about their parabens. She said that Aveda had a team of scientists who researched all their ingredients and they had full disclosure. When, I went to their website I discovered that in reality, they only list what they call, “Key active ingredients.” I was so disappointed, I love Aveda and their website is all about supporting the planet, “products that nurture, informing the public and yet they don’t even have full disclosure on their ingredients list. They have a very sophisticated website yet, no full disclosure on their ingredients. Why?

    Next, I went to a store called LATHER who also claimed that their product line started in reaction to all the nasty synthetic cosmetic and skin care lines out there. They also claimed that they were all natural. Once again after reading their labels they use
    some toxic, synthetic ingredients mixed in with all the great ones. Next, I go into my makeup drawer to find a half empty skincare cream from ORGINS, I read their ingredients, YUCK. parabens, you name it it’s in there. So I click onto their website as PETA listed them as one of their,” companies of the year” because they don’t test on animals. on the ORGINS website they don’t list ANY ingredients! ORGINS is very big on language, ” The genius of nature” “celebrating the connection between Mother Nature and Human Nature.” yet, no disclosure on their ingredient list. So I wrote Orgins an eletter, asking them why they didn’t list their ingredients online. I received a response from David in Global Consumer Communications, stating, “With regard to your inquiry, unfortunately, at this time our website is unable to maintain online ingredient listings.” but they would be happy to let me know anything. ORGINS is owned by Estee’ Lauder
    a cosmetic and skin care giant. They can sell products and do major online promotion but can’t
    back up their claims with full disclosure?

    I took him up on his offer and wrote back and asking about specific products. I asked them if they used chemical , dyes, and parabens. I also asked for clarification on what “wonderful aromas” where? Are they synthetic, chemical fragrances they market as natural? Their whole website is about nature and they seems to use one or two ingredients that they tout as a wonder
    ingredient and fail to disclose all the toxic soup it’s placed in.

    I ‘m looking forward to seeing what products via skin care and cosmetics that you find are great and without synthetic chemicals. I found a great line called for skincare but have yet to find cosmetics. Even Eco Bella has some really nasty ingredients in their products. I returned their product once I got it home and could actually read their ingredient list under a magnifying glass ( the type is so tiny).

    I believe there are many consumers that don’t want to stick their heads or faces into a vat of chemicals every morning in the shower. Organic is a billion dollar industry, I hope more companies wake up to the fact that they can make a lot more money by not lying to us. yes, not testing on animals is extremely important but so is not testing on humans and we are the lab rats here and it seems that most of us are silent.


    Keep up the good work!!!

  • Michael Schub  January 23, 2006 at 9:19 am

    It is not easy to create a pure preservative free skin care line and many of the larger company’s that make such claims are not telling the truth. Our SAVAGE BEAUTY® products ( are free of alcohol, petroleum or any other synthetic chemicals, free of synthetic preservatives (including methyl and propyl parabens, phenoxyethanol and phenyl ethyl alcohol), synthetic colorants, synthetic fragrances and cruelty free. It is also difficult to use 100% organic ingredients in skin care products (among other reasons is that many ingredients are not cultivated and grow wild) and even organic ingredients can be contaminated. SAVAGE BEAUTY® uses many certified organic and wildcrafted ingredients and all our ingredients are 100% plant origin. All our products are manufactured in an FDA registered, pharmaceutically licensed, and organically certified facility. This highly sophisticated laboratory tests each ingredient used by SAVAGE BEAUTY® for heavy metals, pesticides, adulteration, impurities and other contaminants as well as potency.

    SAVAGE BEAUTY® avoids synthetic preservatives and synthetic fragrance ingredients as they are the major culprits in allergic or sensitizing reactions to skin care products. Nevertheless, it is possible to have an allergic reaction to even the mildest natural botanical aromatic elements (e.g. essential oils and plant extracts). Be cautious; discontinue use of any new product if you experience a reaction and if the matter doesn’t improve seek professional help.

  • Ti Cosby  May 1, 2006 at 10:25 am

    Would like readers to know about Jurlique Skin Care. Organic, pure and highly effective.Even the essential oils are organic, grown on a privately owned farm in Australia. Great stuff!Ti Cosby Skin Care Specialist in Gainesville Florida

  • Jamie  June 5, 2006 at 1:03 pm

    Deep Steep All-Natural Body Care is unique from other skincare lines in that it is truly all-natural. While countless cosmetic companies claim to be “natural” many contain harsh surfactants and possible carcinogens. All of Deep Steep’s products are formulated with an infusion of organic herbs and essential oils (no mineral oils, lauryl sodium sulfate or artificial fragrances) to produce the purest products available.

    With the trend in the beauty and health industries toward organic products, I believe that Deep Steep is a miracle in both the beauty and healthcare industries.

    Deep Steep was recently featured in the June 2006 issue of Lucky Magazine and has also been published in British Vogue, Organic Style, and Body + Soul amongst other publications.

    The luxurious product line includes soy body lotion, shea butter body wash, honey bubble bath, rich body butter, pumice body polish, organic sugar scrub, herbal bath tea, moisture sticks, and foaming handwash.

    Not only are the products all-natural and made from only certified organic ingredients but they are formulated to provide the most relaxing and rejuvenating aromatherapy available!

    Products are available in five unique, refreshing, delicious scents including Grapefruit Bergamot, Honeydew Spearmint, Lavender Chamomile, Rosemary Mint, and our fresh new summer scent, Tangerine Melon.

    Visit or email [email protected] for more information and samples!

  • Libby  June 7, 2006 at 8:28 pm

    I agree with a lot that is being said here. I have also tried to find so called Natural and Organic products without much success. It is also very frustrating to go on the websites of self proclaimed natural companies and not be able to find a singel ingredient listed. So the only way to know what is in the product is to order something then get dissapointed when it arrives full of toxic chemicals.

    After much frustration I finaly found a company that makes truely 100% Natural and Organic products and list all the ingredients on the website. These products are certified organic by the ACO and USDA to international food standards…its like feeding your skin pure food.

    Feel free to visit for more information and free samples!

  • Alanna and Geoff Chandler  June 21, 2006 at 5:43 pm

    I too use to buy so called natural or organics products only to find they contained synthetic chemicals.
    Luckily I have found a company that is ethical and has a conscience, they produce a range of certified organic skin care, hair care, personal care and cosmetics that are 100% free of synthetic chemicals.

    They are and Australian Company that have had their products certified by the ACO These products contain (excluding water and salt) at least 95% organically produced agricultural ingredients. The remaining ingredients (up to 5%) can be non-agricultural substances or non-organically produced agricultural ingredients, with strict processing criteria (eg. absolutely no GMOs or synthetics chemicals). These products bear the Australian Certified Organic logo.

    The remaining ingredients and the cosmetics range are certified by the BFA. These organic ingredients or products contain (excluding water and salt) at least 70% organically produced agricultural ingredients. Any remaining can be non-agricultural substances (eg, clay, bicarb soda, minerals) or non-organically produced agricultural ingredients, with strict processing criteria (eg. absolutely no GMOs or synthetics chemicals).
    Mineral-based products contain non-agricultural substances (eg, clay, bicarb soda, minerals), with strict processing criteria (eg. absolutely no GMOs or synthetics chemicals).
    What a delight to find these MIEssence products that are actually organic, free of synthetic chemicals and good for your skin.
    They also produce a certified organic probiotic superfood called Inliven
    For more information please visit our website
    or if you would like a free sample of the body wash or body cream then email us at [email protected].

    To download a free E-Book listing the chemicals contained in most bathroom products, please visit

    To your health and wellbeing

    Alanna and Geoff

  • Jan Most  August 27, 2006 at 4:11 am

    I’m sure you have heard of Dr Hauschka. I have used the skin care products for years now. They suit every skin type, are 100% organic and loved by all who use the range. The makeup is equally wonderful.

  • Elin  December 13, 2006 at 1:42 pm


    your article brings up all the problems I have with mainstream, and/or socalled natural/organic skincare. Here in the UK, we have no regulations to speak of that deal with skincare, yet what you put on your skin gets taken up into the bloodstream within seconds…

    Organic products here can have from 5-30% synthetic ingredients, and still receive a certification. It is misleading to the public, who trusts organic brands.

    I also think that too many skincare producers are making lotions with loads of water in, water that is cheap, evaporates on contact, and does nothing for the product other than bulk it up cheaply!! I know of many 100% organic skincare producers who still use this trick, and it is another one that misleads the customers.

    I run small company in Wales, UK, and I make natural skincare with full disclosure of ingredients, and no nasties. Have a look at our website, we use no water either, only active ingredients!!

  • steffi  February 6, 2007 at 2:30 pm

    ok, simple shampoo, soap, toothpaste, house cleaner, car cleaner, ect. Dr. Bronners castile soap. Pure simple all natural and organic. Really. I use it in a home made shampoo recipe i got from an ayurvedic book called absolute beauty. It’s a life changing book! You just take 1 part liquid castile soap and 8 parts strong herbal tea store ot in a glass bottle and presto shampoo. use the juice of a half a lemon in one cup of water as a conditioner. and if you have really dry hair use one teaspoon sesame oil once a week as a scalp massage and shampoo out. simple simple simple:) good herbs to use are lavender chamomile and rosemary. fo dry sensitive and oily accordingly. Read that book its great!!!!!

  • Pam  February 20, 2007 at 9:36 am

    Sometimes when I read stuff like this, it makes me think of how good intentions can go wrong. Pepper is a carcinogen. Salt contributes to heart disease. What is it that you really want? “chemical free” is not going to make you healthy per se. Any one of your “natural” ingredients could kill you. It is the dose that makes the poision.

    Don’t get me wrong, or angry, I found this website because I am looking for an organic skin care line.

  • colleen  March 1, 2007 at 3:19 pm

    Greenridge Herbals is commited to using chemical-free ingredients in all of their skincare products. Everything is vegan, cruelty-free, and almost all organic. No parabens, no ureas, no DEA, nothing you cannot pronounce. Just fresh, pure, natural organic facial and skincare products.

  • Celine  March 21, 2007 at 10:08 pm

    Very interesting article. Even more interesting that from the random three companies I picked out from the comments section………, none of them listed what exactly THEY put in their products. I went to the websites they listed and could not find an actual ingredient list of specific products. Lots of writing about how they are organic and do not use chemicals, but nothing to back it up.

    I look forward to your findings.

  • Mo  April 10, 2007 at 10:13 am

    Very interesting comments here. I myself have been on the hunt for the ultimate preservative free skincare and I found it! Boscia Skincare is 100% preservative free unlike Aveda and Origins who are still trying to get the parabens and chemicals out of their products. You have to understand that the beauty industry in the USA is like the mob. Everyone owns someone else and the names are all connected. Estee Lauder owns over 15 different beauty companies including Aveda, Origins, MAC, and Stila. I have found that more companies from abroad are doing it the right way. The industry is controlled much more in countries such as Japan and and China and therefore the integrity of the products are superior! Boscia is owned by Fancl which was the worlds first preservative free company started back in the late 70s. I think it is sad that the industry is so monopolized and dishonest to us the consumer and it is nice to see an honest company. Even companies claiming to be “paraben free” still contain other forms of preservatives and Boscia is the only one I know that is 100% preservative free. I found it at sephora.

  • ababsyj  June 6, 2007 at 3:20 pm

    Does anyone have comments on MiEssence products and or the OneGroup business profile? They claim to be Certified Organic, but I’m trying to do my homework and make sure they are what they claim.

  • cbsunshine  August 17, 2007 at 5:38 am

    I wanted to comment on Miessence and One Group. I discovered them on my hunt for Organic Skin Care several years ago. My husband and I both use the products and love them. We recently had our first child and I decided to stay home and sell the products as well. What I love is that they tell you everything that they put in the products and they are thrid party certified so that you are sure to get the very best quality certified ingredients. I feel so great using these products.

    There is loads of information on my website as well as videos I can share.

    If you have specific questions you can contact me via my website.

    Learn – Shop – Explore…..

    I hope this helps.

  • Leana  August 28, 2007 at 3:05 pm

    I have been using natural/organic products for several years. The purest brand I have found is Terressentials (, followed by Aubrey Organics. I’m always on the lookout for new stuff, too. Would love to learn of additional organic, truly natural brands.

  • sarahb  September 8, 2007 at 12:23 pm

    Greenridge Herbals lists ALL the ingredients used in each product on their website. And best of all, the ingredients on the label of the actual jar matches what’s listed on their website. I don’t know how many times I’ve read an ingredient listing online only to be angered when I find that it differs from what’s on the jar itself–usually with some of the less desirable ingredients omitted from the website listing.

  • Gloria  September 20, 2007 at 8:11 pm

    I would like to introduce to everyone a wonderful skincare line that I just tried. I’m new to this blog and believe many of you would be interested. The line is called L’uvalla Certified Organic. I got the Age-Defying set from my mom as a gift and I cant be more enthusiastic about the 3 step system. They offer a Face Wash, Toner, and Day/Night Cream. I also got the eye cream which I actually bought myself after I tried the system. If you go on their website, you can read about the company and products. The products are all 100% natural, organic, susstainable and are certified by Ecocert Cosmebio ‘Bio’ certification. The Ecocert certification is the most stringent in the world. Check them out, I promise you won’t be disappointed.


  • Lindsay  October 26, 2007 at 1:59 pm

    Hey All!

    If you’re looking for skin, body, and hair care products that are chemical free, end your search here! Kaia House is all about purity. We carry good-quality lines like Red Flower and Osea, going through each individual ingredient list to be sure that nothing we carry has these chemicals. Feel free to visit our “Most UNwanted List,” a compilation of harmful chemcials (and their effects) found in everyday luxury and conventional products.

    To a Pure and Natural Life!


  • Mercedes  November 23, 2007 at 6:17 pm

    Hello everyone,
    About 9 months ago I started reading about parabens and all other chemicals that go in most beauty products and I was shocked! It is good to see that more companies are now starting to pay attention to this and create products with organic ingredients and without harmful chemicals. Since then I have tried many healthier choices and I highly recommend Jurlique, (especially the Herbal Recovery Gel) and also Aguacate & Co. (which I LOVE!). Keep up the recommendations please as I am always in the lookout for new products!

  • Michelle  December 19, 2007 at 7:22 am

    I don’t think it should suprise anyone the parabens and other chemicals will have adverse long term effects. Natural and organic is the way to go with anything, not just beauty products.

  • Nadia  January 5, 2008 at 2:42 pm

    I personally LOVE Aubrey organics – their ingredients list is almost immaculate and they are very commited to keeping their products as close to nature as possible. I’ve loved just about everything I’ve tried from their range. Have a look at

  • Lani  January 20, 2008 at 7:37 pm


    My name is lani and I started my own business selling all natural and chemical free sugar body scrubs. If you’d like to check out my products, you can see them on my website at

  • Casey  March 13, 2008 at 11:41 am

    I love this blog. I am involved in the organic industry, and you have some really awesome information and comments.

  • Christy  April 4, 2008 at 7:26 pm

    Professional Therapeutic organic skin care and cosmetics made with nature’s finest ingredients, pure essential oils, organic herbs, and fair trade raw materials. Everything is hand made in small batches to insure freshness without petrochemicals, parabens, and toxic harsh chemicals. Cruelty free!

    Aromatherapy Herbal Creams, Herbal Salves, Organic Facial Creams, Cleansers, Toners, Eye Serums, Facial Masque and Exfoliants, organic body and hair care, organic men’s skin care, organic momma and child, and more.

  • Lisa  May 12, 2008 at 3:44 am

    Well I think honestly that if you want the highest quality ingredients and no preservatives you need to make it yourself. I mean just get a book with some skin care recipes and create it. You dont have to worry about preservatives because you just make a new batch when you have to. That is what I may have to do . Making makeup may be more of a challenge though.


  • Jo  July 10, 2008 at 7:44 pm

    Thanks for the informative article. We have been handcrafting and selling organic skin care products since 2003. We use organic ingredients and grow and wild-craft most of the herbs used. Our products are tested by friends and family, not on animals. No parabens, artifical colorants or fragrances used. Check us out your skin will feel the difference. Join our blog at:

  • Kippy Miller  August 6, 2008 at 3:25 pm

    A skin care line out of Los Angeles, CA made by a Swedish woman, is the best I have found so far. Marika Du Rietz Real Skin, is for real! She uses plant based oils, essential oils, and herbs. The oils are the best you can buy in the world and she makes small batches. The oils are put into vials from Switzerland that are safe for the oils and keeps them from ultra violet damage as well as oxygen. She has a breast oil made w. fenugreek and geranium. This oil every woman should use. It firms and lifts the breast and help circulation through the lymph system….this helps w. the prevention of breast cancer. She also has a face, body, and a beauty rest (night) oil. Please please go to her website and check it out. I use her products every day, and my skin and body feel pure!

  • Kathy Brunette  January 12, 2009 at 3:59 pm

    April 7, 2005 Laura Klein wrote the article: What Are You Really Putting On Your Body? At the end, she writes: “To date I have found three skin care lines that are truly pure and the majority of the ingredients are organic. I will review these skin care products in an upcoming blog as I use them.” I do not see LAURA’S review on these 3, only other people touting their own preferences.

    Can anyone assist me by telling me where I can read Laura’s reviews?
    What are the 3 products, since it has been over 3 1/2 yrs. since the blogging began? Thank you. Kathy

  • V. Blink  February 16, 2009 at 5:47 pm

    It is, as someone in an earlier post said, very difficult to make an effective product with a reasonable shelf life without the use of chemicals. I think the best idea is to find one that is 95-100% natural & organic rather than industry standarad at 95-100% synthetic.

    V. Blink
    Erth Mineral Makeup

  • Maria  March 22, 2009 at 10:20 pm

    Your blog is very interesting. I love to read good blogs. Thank You.

  • Marlene Affeld  March 26, 2009 at 9:26 am

    Thanks for your insightful and informative post on natural skin care. I learned a lot and appreciate the fine information. Wishing you the best.

  • Ovsanna Mkrtumyan  April 2, 2009 at 3:24 pm

    Article clearly explains the harm that synthetic chmicals and petrolium based ingredients cause. The word “organic” is somewhat ambigues for general public and needs to be explicitly defined by FDA because synthetic chemicals are also composed of carbon-hydrogen (majority) bonds; therefore, they can be defined as “organic. I think we should make clear to public that organic means = pestaside (any artifical chemcial) free grown botanicals that are used in personal care products. One must clearly label all of the certified organic ingredients on the product label before claiming “organic”. Natural does not neccessarly means orgnic. Visit our site which uses all natural ingredients and lists the organic certifyied ones.

  • Joseph Jackowitz  April 17, 2009 at 6:23 pm

    We thank Maria Merker for her kind words about our company. Indeed, we work diligently everyday to avoid the misusage of the terms “natural” and “organic”. We had tired of all the companies who had overplayed the terms, so we formulated the best language we could: We do not use the word “natural” to describe constituent ingredients which are naturally-occurring on our planet, but which have trans-epidermal toxin delivery. For example, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are natural (i.e. naturally occurring on our planet), but they have trans-epidermal potential containing levels (albeit trace) of lead, mercury, and arsenic (also naturally occurring on our planet). We do not use the word “organic” to describe ingredients unless they are Certified Organic from the United States Department of Agriculture. Thanks to you all, on behalf of individuals everywhere who need, and must have, toxin-free products.

    Joseph Jackowitz
    President & CEO
    Coastal Classic Creations

  • Maria Borrego  May 5, 2009 at 6:36 pm

    Glam Nation Organic Skin Care is a great company. Their products are completely organic and chemical free. They are amamzing on the skin.

  • Mayra Camejo  May 5, 2009 at 6:39 pm

    I agree with you Maria. I was referred by a friend and I have fallen in love with the products. They are fabulous and make my skin look brand new without the chemicals. Glam Nation. Go Green!

  • Nancy Turk  May 14, 2009 at 4:59 pm

    Please cover the issue of hidden parabens in honeysuckle extract. The debate is underway on the Organic Consumers website. The following is an excerpt from their forum, although it can only be viewed if you log in, unfortunately. The front page of the current issue has a denial from an offending company. I have followed all of the links and read all of the supporting material and I am convinced that honeysuckle extract is a source of hidden natural parabens (which are not shown to be any less toxic than synthetic parabens.) Please read the original article and follow-up comments from the forum, and go to the site and view the denial there.) As follows:

    More on Parabens: Greenwashing With Honeysuckle Extract

    By Eliza Moriarty
    Organic Consumers Association, 4/27/2009

    For a refresher on parabens, here is an appealing article written for laypeople (find it at…mp;id=2024753.)

    Parabens are in widespread use by the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries as an effective preservative. Parabens work to prevent fungal and bacterial growth in water based products, such as creams (a mixture of oil and water). Parabens are found in a variety of cosmetic products including moisturizers, shaving gels, personal lubricants, tanning solutions and even toothpaste.

    Until recently it was thought that Parabens where safe due to their low toxic profile. However, new research has shown that the build up of Parabens in the body and their interaction with other commonly used chemicals may lead to hormone disruption and can lead to an increased cancer risk. It is very difficult to conclusively say whether Parabens are harmful. Any definitive study would likely take 10-20 years and would have to study the interactions of Parabens with a vast number of other synthetic chemicals. Paraben allergies are thankfully very rare. However, they do occur in a small number of people, and their reported incidence is increasing as people are exposed to Parabens in more of their food and cosmetic products.

    Many companies dismiss the concern over Paraben usage as a media inspired scare story. However, those who are most active in rubbishing claims of Paraben health concerns either work for or are linked to companies that extensively use Parabens in their products. There are many alternatives to using Parabens in personal care products and consumers are seeking out “Paraben Free” skin care in ever-greater numbers. However, some manufacturers are cynically employing other chemical preservatives that are known irritants or have far great health concerns – such as Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate. So long as it doesn’t say “Paraben” on the label, they are happy.

    Other companies continue to use Parabens, but describe them on the ingredients list as “Japanese Honeysuckle”, a natural source of Parabens but chemically identical to the synthetic variety. There are alternatives to using Parabens or other synthetic preservatives in personal care products – but these are often more expensive to source or require extensive changes to the manufacturing process.

    And, from “Gaia Research”, in defense of parabens:

    Contrary to popular misbelief, parabens are not diabolical chemical poisons invented by mad scientists to inflict havoc on human health. Parabens do have direct correlates in nature. In fact, all plants normally produce p-hydroxybenzoic acid, albeit in small quantities (Viitanen P et al, Plant Physiol, 136(4), 2004). Well-known plants known to significantly synthesise parabens as defensive chemicals against attack by micro-organisms include carrot, olive, cucumber, honeysuckle and ylang ylang (Bach M et al, Plant Physiol, 103(2), 1993); (Aziz N et al, Microbios 93(374), 1998); Smith-Becker J et al, Plant Physiol, 116(1), 1998); (Dweck A, “Natural Preservatives”, Cosmet Toilet, Aug 2003).

    Of course, this misses the point entirely. The parabens present in their whole, natural state do not have the paraben concentration necessary to provide preservation. The real problem at present is that Campo is producing a “honeysuckle” derived paraben that is concentrated and processed specifically for use as a preservative; further, isolated synthetic and natural parabens are bio-identical, and we have no evidence to show that concentrated natural parabens are any less toxic than concentrated synthetic parabens (presuming that Campo is not spiking their “natural” paraben preservative with synthetic parabens.) Since the INCI recommended for this concentrated paraben based preservative is ” Lonicera Caprifolium “, otherwise listed as Japanese Honeysuckle, Honeysuckle Flower Extract, Honeysuckle Extract, etc, unwitting consumers are fooled into assessing a label as miraculously innocent and pay premium prices to purchase what appears to be a wonderfully green product. More often than not, products that contain “Honeysuckle Flower Extract” (and truly, could any ingredient sound more gentle?) also make the false claim “NO PARABENS” all over the label and marketing materials.

    Since I began making noise, a few have shifted marketing language to state, “No synthetic parabens.” Tricky.

    Here is a marketing page for Campo’s Plantservative

    Also, please find the Campo Plantservative MSDS attached, and see:

    16. Other Information

    Uses as Cosmetic additive 0.4 – 1.0%

    Supplementary Dietary/food use 0.01 – 1.0% (food preservation)


    Recommended Mandatory Ingredient Listing of INCI name: Lonicera Caprifolium

    Please refer to, “An Update On Natural Preservatives” Personal Care Magazine; September 2005, (Anthony C. Dweck BSc CSci CChem FRSC FLS FRSH – Technical Editor), excerpted as follows:

    Japanese Honeysuckle extracts

    A plant preservative that is based on the Japanese Honeysuckle (Lonicera japonica) is available that is described as being a complex mixture of esters of lonicerin and natural p-hydroxy benzoic acid (Fig. 10). The commercial material from Campo is called Plantservative WSr, WMr INCI: Lonicera Caprifolium Extract).

    Clearly this is a naturally occurring paraben, and we would expect this material to have antimicrobial properties. Lonicerin is luteolin-7-O-galactoside Fig. 11) (Chen et al). It has been reported Lee et al) that Lonicera japonica has anti-inflammatory activity and though not as potent as the normal benchmark of prednisolone, it would nonetheless be effective in treating inflammatory disorders. This factor makes the preservative very attractive, since it has benefits for its soothing properties and also has antimicrobial activity. There are not many preservatives that would have this dual benefit. I have not searched the literature to see whether other luteolin derivatives have been found to have antimicrobial properties, but the flavonoids are certainly well respected for their anti-inflammatory activity wherever they are found in plant materials.

    The author, Anthony C. Dweck is a noted expert on parabens and defends their use, based upon their existence in nature.

    Please see more about Dweck and parabens here:

    Many others among us understand that there is a difference between a chemical component of a whole plant and a concentrated chemical compound used to preserve a product. I do not object to the use of a simple aqueous extract (tea) of honeysuckle, labeled as “Japanese Honeysuckle Extract”, but I do object to the misrepresentation involved in the use of Plantservative, labeled as “Japanese Honeysuckle Extract.” It is a highly processed and concentrated paraben extraction that may or may not be contaminated with synthetic parabens where is it manufactured in Singapore. I am particularly distressed by the fact that so many companies are evidently using the latter version of “Japanese Honeysuckle Extract” and simultaneously claiming “NO PARABENS” on their labels.

    A follow-up comment from the author, posted in the Forum:
    I am a product formulator myself and would be happy to tutor others through the “label sleuthing” process of determining whether it is likely that a specific product contains a simple honeysuckle infusion or Plantservative’s paraben preservative, listed as any of the folowing: Japanese Honeysuckle, Japanese Honeysuckle extract, Japanese Honeysuckle flower extract, Honeysuckle extract, Honeysuckle flower extract, Honeysuckle, Lonicera Caprifolium, Lonicera, or any other variation of the above phrases.

    When I began contacting companies that are using this ingredient, several companies removed ingredient lists from their websites. One company in particular maintained ingredient lists on their website, but actually removed “Honeysuckle flower extract” from the posted ingredient lists. I did note that the ingredient is still included in their ingredient glossary as of this posting, however, and the accurate ingredient lists are still posted by other sites that carry their products. I did make a copy of the changes as they have ocurred, which is a disturbing exercise in “whitewashing” the “greenwashing.”

    I invite everyone interested in “label sleuthing” to join me here with questions, tips, and observations!

    A follow up quote from Amalie, posted in the Forum:
    As a small manufacturer of USDA certified organic body care, I am relieved that OCA is providing a forum for a discussion of hidden parabens. I have reviewed the data and, as a formulator, am convinced that the Plantservative honeysuckle preservative in question cannot possibly be a simple CO2 extract of honeysuckle as claimed by Grateful Body. The MSDS and documentation for Plantservative is available online, and a review of those materials clearly states that it is a broad-spectrum anti-microbial and behaves as any synthetic paraben. No known whole plant extracts or materials provide anything resembling the industrial strength preservation claimed in the Plantservative documentation. Additionally, if CO2 honeysuckle extract were as effective as Plantservative, every personal care manufacturer interested in producing USDA certified organic products would be willing to pay a very high price for a USDA OG CO2 honeysuckle extract. It would be the end of all of our formulation challenges!

    In regard to the May 14, 2009 issue of Organic Bytes, there is one very important error. I do request that OCA send a correction immediately, or in the very least, specifically correct the error in a visible location the next issue of Organic Bytes.

    Under Headlines and Issues of the Week, OCA states:

    1) Coming Clean News of the Week: Grateful Body Refutes Claims That All Honeysuckle Extracts Contains Parabens
    In last week’s issue of Organic Bytes, we linked to an article where organic supplier Eliza Moriarty made the claim that products using honeysuckle extract as a ‘natural’ preservative are simply hiding parabens in their products. This week, USDA organic personal care product leader, Grateful Body, says those are false claims and shows documentation that its products have been tested free of parabens, despite the use of honeysuckle extract. Let the debate begin!

    I am surprised by the mistakes. It does illustrate the fact that even some OCA staff members have difficulty distinguishing between USDA certified organic and inauthenticated organic claims in the personal care marketplace. Grateful Body has NO third party certification and does not produce USDA certified organic body care.

    While Grateful Body modifies most ingredient names with the word “organic”, it does not specify the certifying body, so we don’t know if they refer to USDA, Eco-cert or any other program. Grateful Body claims some ingredients are “organic” when the ingredient doesn’t exist as an organic ingredient. Grateful Body also claims to use no synthetics. (They claim “organic xanthan” for example, which cannot be organic. It is an allowed synthetic.) In the absence of a third-party certifier, organic claims by body products manufacturers have no meaning. Any company that wishes to prove its organic and clean ingredient status may do so at any time by cleaning up their ingredient decks and earning the USDA seal of approval. Any company that is not eligible for the USDA seal is certainly not a leader in USDA organic body care!

    Unfortunately, when OCA describes Grateful Body as “USDA organic personal care product leader,” it offers meaningful credibility to a company that has not earned it, misleads consumers into believing that their products are USDA organic, and undermine OCA’s own Coming Clean Campaign in regard to hidden ingredients! As a manufacturer of USDA certified organic products, it also undermines my company’s position in the marketplace when I must compete with companies that aren’t meeting the USDA organic standards, but are credited by OCA as such.

    Additionally, the description of Eliza Moriarty as an “organic supplier” is inaccurate. I am on an organic industry listserve with Eliza and am familiar with her work. She is an experienced phytochemist, researcher and professional organic body care formulator, and is also a certified Organic Processing Inspector. She’s an organics advocate with a sharp eye for “greenwashing.” From our mutual positions as natural products formulators, the documentation speaks for itself, as does the action of the preservative in question.

    As Mr. Dweck (international expert on parabens and former Associate Editor of the International Journal of Cosmetic Science) states, Plantservative is clearly a natural paraben. I see that the quote taken from “An Update On Natural Preservatives,” Personal Care Magazine; September 2005, (Anthony C. Dweck BSc CSci CChem FRSC FLS FRSH – Technical Editor) has been removed from Eliza’s OCA article. I have a copy, as follows:

    Japanese Honeysuckle extracts
    A plant preservative that is based on the Japanese Honeysuckle (Lonicera japonica) is available that is described as being a complex mixture of esters of lonicerin and natural p-hydroxy benzoic acid (Fig. 10). The commercial material from Campo is called Plantservative WSr, WMr (INCI: Lonicera Caprifolium Extract). Clearly this is a naturally occurring paraben, and we would expect this material to have antimicrobial properties.

    If Grateful Body tested Plantservative and found no synthetic parabens, it merely tells us that it has not been spiked with synthetics. It does NOT tell us that it is not a natural paraben, and it certainly does not indicate that it is a whole plant extract. The “industrial strength” preservation action of Plantservative very strongly indicates that it is a highly processed and concentrated natural paraben.

    I hope OCA will correct the misstatement in the May 14 issue of Organic Bytes, lest Organic Consumers believe that Grateful Body is USDA certified organic and give undue credence to their products and their claims.

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  • Deanna Vazquez  June 28, 2009 at 8:21 pm

    No matter how you slice it, there simply is no way around needing to preserve skin care products and, as the consumer becomes more choosey about what they will and won’t put on their skin, so does the manufacturer become sneakier about declaring what really it is they have put in their product. If a company wants to put Japanese Honeysuckle in their product, they should make the extract themselves, using a simple tincture process. That is what we do. The material simply goes from our organic garden, into the extract jar with the extract medium of choice, then a few weeks later through the tincture press and into the bottle, ready for adding to our formulations. We tend to not rely on external sources for making our extracts. You really don’t know what you’re getting!

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    Although it might seem hard to find truly pure, natural and organic skin care products, you really can find the best of the best on the Skin Deep website (

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    I use to have really sensitive skin until I switched to organic stuff. The products I use to buy from the supermarkets would make my skin go red, angry and itchy. Probably the chemicals! So I’m watching out like a hawk for harsh ingredients and stuff. Recently I’ve been using cyren organics from and my skin has calmed down dramatically. No redness, horay for organics!
    I do like dr bronner stuff but their produycts dry out my skin like crazy! Which makes it feel raw and itchy. Alba botanica is okay. I don’t buy loccitane any more after I found out that they’re not truly natural!

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    some organic products claim to be “chemical free”, but when you take a deep look on those products, they are highly toxicated. I wonder why the government takes no responsibility for those companies..


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  • Lisa Johnson  July 16, 2010 at 8:48 pm

    Just an FYI, the FDA has determined that parabens are safe for use in cosmetic products. However, the it should not exceed 25% from the total content of the product. And parabens are only 0.01-0.03% in cosmetics. I like this blog very informative. Aside from organic skin care products, Mineral Cosmetology is now getting so much attention when it comes to skin care products. I hope Laura would also do a review on mineral skin care products.

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    I too am an avid fan of natural skincare, and I am appalled at how loose the general guidelines are as to what is considered natural. I did not think twice about what I used on my skin when I was pregant, and my mid-wife clued me in. The amount of ingredients that were known to be toxic to both my baby and I were phenomenal and as a result I started using only all natural skincare products. This is a fantastic and informative blog……
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