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10 Excellent Food Gifts for the Socially Conscious Foodie on Your List

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Food gifts for the foodies on your list.

Food gifts always fit--you never have to worry about getting the wrong size. And food gifts are really the only gifts to get the foodies on your list. But what about the socially responsible foodies on your list? Those who avoid products with palm oil in them because of the havoc its cultivation is wreaking on Southeast Asia? Or those who avoid processed, pesticide-laden foods? The farmers market devotee? For those folks, your task is twofold--you must find excellent food gifts, but ones that are appropriate for the socially conscious foodies too. Don’t worry, we have got you covered with this roundup of some amazing food gifts to satisfy even biggest foodist on your list.

Food Gifts for Socially Conscious Foodies

  1. Coffee CSA - Gift your favorite coffee lover a fair-trade coffee subscription and make their mornings.
  2. CSA Subscription - By the same token, gift a CSA subscription from a local farm for the locavore on your list.
  3. Local Beer - For the craft brew enthusiast on your list, try out to find a local brewery near you or your giftee.
  4. Small Batch Fermenting Kit - Any self-respecting foodie loves fermented foods, and the best way to source fermented foods is to make your own. This small batch fermenting kit is a great way to get started for novice fermenters.
  5. Reclaimed Wood iPad/Cookbook Stand - Who doesn’t need a cookbook/iPad stand for in the kitchen?
  6. Aquafarm - Blow the old standby herb garden kit of the water with the updated version of an indoor aqua farm, that can be used to grow herbs or microgreen.
  7. Flight of Varietal Local Honey - Find local beekeepers and put together a custom collection of local varieties of honey for your giftee.
  8. Herb Keeper -Help your foodie keep herbs fresher longer with this clever kitchen tool.
  9. Step Away From the Take-Out Menu Apron - For the foodie who thinks homemade is the only way to go for food; this apron is perfect.
  10. Chemex Coffee Brewer and a Reusable Filter - The debate rages on about the best way to make coffee, but most foodies would appreciate a nice Chemex and a reusable filter makes it a little more eco-friendly.

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