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At Tonic, Katie Leavitt reports on a study that shows how to maximize your brain power for the work week. According to a UPenn study, "recovery sleep" is a real thing, and if you have to go on on 4 or 5 hours of sleep a night for a little while, you should schedule a catch-up night later on. So sleep in this weekend! It's good for your health.

In the Spirituality section of Care2, Cris Popenoe shared an inspiring video outlining the Eight Irresistable Principles of Fun. Take a five minute break and check it out. The music is relaxing, and the quotes from Judy Garland, Pablo Picasso, Katherine Hepburn, and Martin Luther King, Jr. should definitely cheer you up and make you think.

From the Organic Authority Files

For more inspiration, you might want to head to Rodale.com. They rounded up 6 must-see environmental documentaries from recent years. If Food, Inc., has left you hungering for more infotainment, make sure you browse this list. Learn more about the corn industry, organic family farms, and even clean energy in these engrossing and enlightening films. What better way to spend a summer evening?

Where did your dinner come from? Eating locally cuts down on pollution and guarantees fresher food, but you need a Ph.D. in botany to know what grows in your state, right? Wrong. The Natural Resources Defense Council is here to the rescue. The NRDC has a fantastic new widget on their site that lets you see what produce is in season in your state! Looks like avocados are in season in SoCal this August, so it's guacamole for dinner tonight.

Speaking of California, Traveling Greener has an article about the Golden State's wine country. Need ten reasons to visit Sonoma County? You might be interested in artisanal wineries, sculpture exhibits, or barbecue festivals. If not, then you might want to check out live music, horse racing, or hiking. Sonoma has something for everyone! A perfect spot for a summer getaway.

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