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Ezra Klein's Crusade Against the Grilled Vegetable Plate

Washington Post blogger Ezra Klein has fanned the flames of discontent. In a post yesterday Klein recounted a tale where he asked for a vegetarian option at a Washington, DC restaurant and they offered him a "grilled vegetable plate," or GVP. He rejected the dish as tasteless, uninspired, and offensive. Here's the peroration of his manifesto:


Vegetarians of the world need to stop accepting the GVP. It's an insult, both from the kitchen to the diner, and from the kitchen to itself. It's not that hard to cook without meat, and choosing to eat less meat shouldn't result in a form of culinary punishment for diners. We can do better. Change is possible. We are the ones we've been waiting for. So say it with me: "No. The grilled vegetable plate is not acceptable. Do you have pasta? Or pizza? Or salads? Or an employee trained in the art of putting different kinds of foods together on a plate in order to create a satisfying dining experience for customers? Because if not, my party and I will go elsewhere."

Organic Authority supports Klein's campaign for great-tasting vegetarian meals. In this spirit, we offer some of our favorite organic vegetarian recipes below. Enjoy, and fight on!

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