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From Our Friends: April 13, 2012

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It has been a great week! While we are busy preparing for a very special 2-week long Organic Authority event that starts Monday, we were still able to catch some fantastic articles from our friends around the web. Get a ton of info on coconut oil, conscious artists, Ashley Judd, getting rid of cyber clutter, and where to get vitamin D. Enjoy these and we cannot WAIT to see you Monday morning. Have a great weekend!

1. Love coconut oil? You should! Check out this great post from MightyNest featuring all the health benefits of this delicious oil!

2. If you consider yourself a fan of art, you should take a look a this article from EcoSalon on 20 conscious artists who are going BEYOND the canvas!

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From the Organic Authority Files

3. Ashley Judd has responded to unwarranted criticism of her having a "puffy face" with a wonderful empowering article. Read all about it on Blisstree!

4. Do you deal with cyber clutter? Are your desktop, laptop and mobile devices filled with random filenames and notes you no longer remember the purpose of? Check out this post from Experience Life, it will help you get organized!

5. From sun to shiitakes, find out where to get vitamin D with this post from The Organic Whey's blog.


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