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From Our Friends: August 5, 2011

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It may be August, but Summer isn't over yet! With great articles from Mighty Nest, Experience Life, Abe's Market, EcoMom and The Grindstone, we have your Friday afternoon break set! Check out awesome tips on staying cool without hurting the planet and how to deal with the disastrous lunch with your coworkers that you just got back from. Plus, take a look at EcoMom's tips on getting ready for the new school year without all the anxiety. Have a great weekend!

1. Is your Brazilian Blowout toxic? The Occupational Safety and Health Administration thinks so. Get all the info you need to know about toxic hair treatments at MightyNest.

2. Reality shows about weight loss dominate television. Why have they become so popular? And are they entertaining, inspiring, infuriating—or all of the above? Check out this great post from Experience Life.

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From the Organic Authority Files

3. Abe's Market shows you how to keep cool when it's 'hot hot hot!' without taking a toll on the environment.

4. From Salma Hayek’s daughter to Stanford University professors, EcoMom has some awesome tips on getting ready for the new school year with less anxiety.

5. Impressing a date at a meal is tough enough, but impressing your coworkers and boss is a whole different story! The Grindstone has some advice for surviving a spill at a business meal!

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