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From Our Friends: March 2, 2012

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This week's instalment of From Our Friends is all about lists. Go by the numbers to find out how you can fall in love with working out, avoid feeding bad things to your kids, get healthy on a strict time schedule, and what you can buy if you had a month's worth of war funding. Enjoy our weekly roundup, folks, and have a wonderful weekend!

1. Not wild about working out? Maybe you just haven’t found the right activities for you. Here’s a list on how to start falling in love with physical activity from Experience Life.

2. MightyNest has a really informative list for parents of five foods you should stop feeding your children, now!

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From the Organic Authority Files

3. Whatever your opinion on war is, you will likely be as fascinated as we were reading this list from EcoSalon of eleven things we could buy with one month of war funding.

4. If you live in California, you may have started to hear about a campaign underway that would give Californians the right to know if they’re eating genetically modified foods. Read all about the Label GMO Campaign over at The Organic Whey blog (if you haven't already read about it here!).

5. Do you have trouble finding time to stay healthy? Check out Blisstree's five essential healthy habits when you have time for nothing else!

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