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From Our Friends: October 25, 2013

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Welcome to this week's installment of From Our Friends, a weekly roundup where we highlight some of our favorite posts, published by our friends and partners around the web. This week's edition includes a challenging yet restorative yoga pose to add to your practice, how to support the health of the oceans and still enjoy seafood, the best Halloween candy to indulge mindfully, an easy way to get 20% off one of our favorite organic brands, why Austrailian vegetarians are saving on their insurance, tips for taming everyday anger, and how a little texture can go a long way in sustainably restyling your decor. Enjoy!

1. Ideal for pregnant moms, breathe in the YogiTimes tutorial on the Malasana pose, which makes the ankles more supple and provides a great stretch to the back of the lower legs, the back and the neck muscles. 

2. Some 90 million tons of seafood are taken out of the oceans every year — nearly five times what was taken before World War II. ExperienceLife will hook you with their fascinating look at how to enjoy seafood in a way that makes saving our oceans a priority.

3. Can you have your Halloween candy and eat it too? BlissTree dishes on which candies won't turn your girlish figure into a goulish one, how to indulge mindfully, and find healthy alternatives. 

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From the Organic Authority Files

4. Wrap up your love affair with toxic plastic wrap! MightyNest is buzzing about Bee's Wrap, an eco alternative made from organic cotton muslin, beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin. The combination of ingredients and the infused fabric create a malleable food wrap that can be used again and again.

5. As a small business, The Organic Whey relies on consumers to post product reviews for the Amazon community. If you've had a pleasant buying experience and you are happy with The Organic Whey, leave a positive review and please let them know by emailing">, to earn a 20% off coupon! Easy!

6. Vegetarians enjoy benefits such as having fewer health problems, getting to lose a little weight, harm fewer animals, and feel relieved at having a smaller carbon footprint, among other wonderful perks. But now, vegetarians in Australia may find themselves also enjoying cheaper life insurance rates. EcoSalon dug up why eating healthy is lightening Aussie vegetarians premiums. 

7. Let’s face it, there are some seemingly evil people out there: The loud cellphone yapper next to you in a restaurant. The evil ex-boyfriend. That person you thought was your friend who slept your evil ex-boyfriend. Author Sharon Salzberg wants to help you deal, and she tells Well and Good NYC how to embrace your enemies and love the people that you (want to) hate most.

8. Want to make a big impact with a small space, without a pricey (and often wasteful) home makeover? Apartment Therapy teaches us how texture effortlessly transforms decor. 

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