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In a World With Too Many Food Choices, Single-Focus Eateries Offer Relief

In a World With Too Many Food Choices, Single-Focus Eateries Offer Relief

Restaurant menus are the worst. Whose idea was it to put so many food choices in front of us in the first place? No wonder obesity is at an all-time high. Maybe it’s not the quality of the foods we’re eating after all, but the fact that with so many food choices, we’re simply destined to overeat. (Okay, it’s totally the quality of the food too.)

Luckily, crafty restaurateurs are doing something about it with a single-focus restaurant craze that’s taking off across the country.

Like coffeehouses that don’t stray too far away from the drink, and ice cream shops, pizzerias and bagel bakeries that stay true to their roots, eateries focused on a single category of foods such as toast, peanut butter sandwiches, and even bowls of cereal, are trending right now.

“New Yorkers love to seek out the best of the best. When they heard you could have the best PB&J of your life, they got excited about it,” Lee Zalben, founder of Peanut Butter & Co., told Specialty Food News. And, you guessed it—his shop sells peanut butter sandwiches, a haven for creamy and crunchy lovers alike.

Even mega food brands are getting in on the action. Chobani, the famed Turkish-owned Greek yogurt maker, has a Chobani café in Soho. “Here, the Chobani yogurt base finds all sorts of unique iterations: flavors of the month like pumpkin spice and Concord grape, savory creations such as yogurt-marinated beef, and superfood blends like blueberry power,” reports Specialty Food News. “The menu as a whole strives to reinforce the company’s belief that yogurt is not just for breakfast.”

You can find restaurants dedicated to eggs, grilled cheese sandwiches, green tea, potatoes, and (more of these please!) chocolate.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Granted, there are menu options when you go to these spots, so you do have to make some choice about what you’re being served, but it’s not as brutal as deciding whether you want to have a sandwich or a bowl of soup at a regular restaurant. First world problems, obviously, but there’s some science to back this up, too.

Decision-making can be nothing short of traumatic for some people, particularly in a world that’s brimming with options. And while deciding which single-focus eatery to patronize for your next meal may take a toll on you, at least once you get there you won’t spend your entire lunch break ogling over the menu. In fact, you may even get to enjoy a nice meal.

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