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Jamie Oliver is Making British Kids Smarter

Just a few days after being ridiculed by David Letterman on national TV, British Chef Jamie Oliver's nutritional efforts are being vindicated back home, according to the Guardian newspaper.


Jamie partnered with Parliament to institute his "Feed me Better" campaign in 2004, and Oliver, along with other healthy food enthusiasts, have been waiting with bated breath to see if the efforts are paying off. New results show that UK students in Math and Science are performing better — now that they are being fed Mexican bean wraps and creamy coconut fish, rather than the fatty, salty, deep-fried "turkey twizzlers" and "chicken dinosaurs."

Absenteeism is down, too. The number of kids who stayed home sick from school dropped 15% from before Oliver's campaign. Imagine how much more productive adults would be if companies replaced candy bar and soda vending machines with healthier food!

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From the Organic Authority Files

Really, this shouldn't be surprising at all. Our minds are connected with our bodies, and if you nourish your body, you'll make your mind sharper, too. To all the college kids: remember that next time you think of ordering greasy pizza when you're pulling an all-nighter.

This is fantastic news for Britain. Now if only America would try out Jamie's common-sense approach to nutrition in schools, we'd have something to celebrate on this side of the pond.

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