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Martha Stewart Is Selling Weed Now

Martha Stewart Is Selling Weed Now

Lifestyle guru and Snoop Dogg's real-life BFF Martha Stewart has more in common with the D-O-Double-G than just their love for hosting celeb-filled potluck dinner parties. 

The mogul and convicted felon is now in the cannabis business. 

In the wake of the now-legal CBD craze, Stewart is joining the Canadian marijuana company Canopy Growth to help develop cannabis products. There will be ranges for people and pets. 

The relationship with Canopy Growth runs in the Potluck Dinner Party family -- Snoop Dogg has already worked with the brand. 

The new products won't exactly be Snoop-worthy blunts, though -- Stewart is said to be developing CBD products with Canopy Growth that don't contain THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). CBD (cannabidiol) is the non-psychoactive compound in cannabis. While it can contribute to an overall relaxed feeling and reduce anxiety, it's also getting attention for a range of other benefits. 

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While there's not much research on CBD yet, it has been linked to reduced inflammation and pain relief -- actress Melissa McCarthy said she used CBD oil on her feet at the Oscars to reduce pain from wearing high heels. It has also shown significant promise in reducing the incidence of seizures in epileptics. The Colorado-based Stanley Brothers now sell "Charlotte's Web" -- a line of CBD products named after a young girl who used the CBD to reduce her daily seizures as a result of a rare condition called Dravet Syndrome.

"If it seems like a strange turn for the queen of tasteful holiday decorating and elegant Connecticut farmhouse dinner parties to start working with weed, well, you haven’t been paying attention," says the Washington Post, noting that Stewart has been making this transition "for years," and capitalizing on her “'harder' post-prison image, turning it into dank memes and comedy gold."

And the Post notes that as Martha becomes more like Snoop, "Snoop has become more like Martha: His cookbook also includes a recipe for Lobster Thermidor."

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