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Organic Brewery + Playground + Bike Bar + Awesomeness = Hopworks, Portland


Imagine a brewery that makes not only bomb beers of all persuasions on site, but makes them organically. Now imagine that this organic brewery should add to their establishment a family restaurant that serves up sustainable fare for meat-eaters, vegetarians and yes, even vegans. Now imagine kicking back with an organic beer and chowing down on vegan grub while letting your little ‘uns get down in a designated kid-safe play area. Outside, your bike is safely parked by the bicycle bar, and you happen upon some good friends who are enjoying the outdoor beer-garden in the shade. Sounds like Germany, huh? Think again. It’s right here in the States, at a magnificent wonder-bar called Hopworks Urban Brewery.

Hopworks is what Portland calls an “Eco-Brewpub,” but to me, it just sounds a little like heaven. Each day the bar rotates in 12 homemade beers on tap, all prepared organically. They operate on 100% renewable energy, compost their waste and make an effort to use organic and from-scratch ingredients in their diverse family- and vegan-friendly menu.

Go to their website, and you’ll find about 50 bulleted points of the sustainability efforts these guys are making with their amazing beer heaven. These are no small points, either. Biodiesel delivery trucks, a tasting room built with recycled materials, pollution-free construction materials, a 60-bicycle bike lot, on-site bike repairs... these people are doing it right!

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From the Organic Authority Files

Brewmaster Christian Ettinger calls Hopworks a “dream pub,” and to me, he’s spot-on. I live in Los Angeles, where there are a few great microbreweries (Angel City Brewing and Eagle Rock Brewery), but I’ve never seen anything like this. If I could make it to Portland in a day, I’d hop on my bike and get over to Hopworks in a snap.

2944 SE Powell Blvd, Portland OR 97202 (corner of SE 29th and Powell)


Image: Pouregon

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