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11 Recipes for an Organic Super Bowl

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Super Bowl may not be synonymous with health food, but we've got some fantastic tricks up our sleeve. Whether you're looking for some of the more traditional grub or some low-fat, vegetarian or vegan recipe options for this year's festivities, we've got you covered, with recipes containing organic, whole foods that will even trick the boys into eating healthy.

Tradition Revamped

It's almost impossible to fathom a Super Bowl table without traditional buffalo wings. But instead of deep-frying your organic chicken, consider broiling it. These broiled buffalo wings have all of the flavor of the deep-fried ones with a fraction of the fat. If you're really looking to cut back, you can even try white meat buffalo chicken tenders, for saucy white meat chicken, without the added fat of skin. Even vegetarians can jump on board this trend, with buffalo cauliflower that will knock your socks off.

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Veggies Galore

Crudités and dip are a no-brainer for the Super Bowl, but some people are still going to want their chips. Why not try our very own baked veggie chips? They're perfect on their own or alongside your favorite dips, like our Mediterranean party dip, homemade hummus or guacamole. A lightened-up spinach and artichoke dip lets you add even more veggies to the table.

A Gourmet Game

If you're looking to move past some of the more traditional finger foods, we've got some ideas for you as well. Grilled flatbreads allow for tons of variety. You can offer a bar of things to top them with; even try for a team color theme, if you like!

Make this pulled pork ahead of time, and toast homemade brioche buns during halftime, for sandwiches that have the mess factor of game food and the delicious homemade quality of a gourmet dinner.

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