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15 Healthy Halloween Recipes

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October is a month where candy floods the store and high fructose corn syrup looms at every turn. Just because it's Halloween doesn't mean you need to overdose on unhealthy, sugary foods, however. There are plenty of seasonal treats that you can make without gorging on processed foods. Need inspiration? Here are 15 healthy halloween recipes that kids will love and you can feel good about serving.

1. Vegan Caramel Sauce

Serve it with apples, pour it over ice cream, sneak a spoonful when no one is looking; however you eat it, this is is one of those Halloween recipes, you'll want to serve year round. 

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2. Sticky Sweet Popcorn Balls

Using maple syrup and dried fruit, these vegan popcorn balls are an easy replacement for the favorite sweet snack of October. 

3. Spiderweb Cupcakes

These gluten and grain-free cupcakes are among the Halloween recipes you'll be glad to have stashed at party time; with a spiderweb decoration on top of the chocolate peanut butter fudge frosting, they fit right into the season. 

4. Hand Dipped Coconut Cinnamon Apples on a Stick

If you have a craving for candied apples but are trying to cut down on sugar, this is one of the best Halloween recipes for you. Using just coconut butter, coconut oil and cinnamon for the coating, these apples are a simple and healthy treat. 

5. Nut Butter Cups

Lots of Halloween recipes are simply a conscious take on a processed favorite. A healthy twist on Reese's Peanut Butter cups, you can feel good about indulging in a few of these vegan and gluten free treats. 

6. Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

After you've scooped out the pulp and seeds when carving your pumpkins, don't let them go to waste. Pop them in the oven and turn them into a delicious snack. 

7. Veggie Chips

Be it beet, carrot or kale, veggie chips are a colorful and healthy rendition of traditional snacks that are a great addition to any October party. 

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8. Vegan Candy Corn

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Homemade candy corn? Yes. Vegan too? This will be a staple among your Halloween recipes. 

9. Raw Cookie Dought Bites

What person doesn't love raw cookie dough? Made with oats, walnuts and cashews, these aren't actually made of cookie dough dough, but they sure do taste like it. 

10. Halloween Falafel Spiders

Falafel balls are turned into spiders with green pepper slices used for legs. A fun addition to any Halloween spread. 

11. Roasted Almonds with Paprika and Orange

A zesty, seasonal snack, these roasted almonds pair citrus with the smoky flavor of paprika, for a fun bowl of almonds you can keep on hand all month long. 

12. Curried Pumpkin Hummus

An easy spread that's right in line with the season, this pumpkin hummus is good for sandwiches or just using for serving as an appetizer with crackers. 

13. Maple Sunbutter Candy

These homemade halloween candies are similar to tootsie rolls, but much healthier and tastier of course. Wrap them individually in wax paper and give away a few bundles to friends as a Halloween themed gift. 

14. Ginger Coconut Dark Chocolate Bark

A bit more sophisticated than your average Halloween candy, this dark chocolate gets a kick from candied ginger. 

15. Mulled Cranberry Apple Cider

If in need of a "witch's brew," use this most-traditional of Halloween recipes to concoct a batch of spicy hot cider, perfect for serving on a rainy afternoon or packing in a thermos while out on Halloween night.

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