3 Fun Ways to Decorate with Plum and Cherry Blossoms

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Plum and cherry blossoms are the most gorgeous and delicate signs of spring, turning a tree into a dreamy white and pink cloud practically overnight. To celebrate the new season, learn how to decorate your home with these blissful blossoms in 3 fun, creative and easy DIY ways!

cherry blossom candle

1. On the Table
Cherry and plum blossoms are gorgeous additions to botanical candles, especially ones that you can place on the dinner table or outside patio (if you live in a warmer climate). You can learn how to make DIY candles if you don't know how already - just dry and then add your blossoms to the mold before you pour the hot wax in.

Cherry and plum blossoms also make wonderful centerpieces. Use longer branches with less blossoms for tall arrangements, and mix short branches with clusters of blossoms with narcissus, lavender and snowdrops for a sweet and pretty arrangement.

cherry blossom cupcakes

2. In the Kitchen
 If you're no stranger to using flowers in the kitchen, you'll love the idea of decorating your baked goods with plum and cherry blossoms! We definitely love them atop frosted cupcakes, ice cream desserts and layered cakes, but you can also use them to garnish plates of spring salads or bowls of delicious asparagus, pea or leek and lemon soup. Delicious and beautiful!

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wall decal

3. On the Wall
We think these wall decals are absolutely gorgeous, and a wonderful way to brighten up any old wall. Available in a number of different color combinations and designs, the cherry blossom ones make you feel almost like you are sitting outside under a blossoming branch, listening to the birds chirp away. Wall decals are often stickers that are easy to apply, and don't cause any damage to the paint on the wall underneath - perfect for renters and home owners alike.

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