9 Ideas for a Healthier Tailgate Party


Football, food and the fall mean it’s tailgate season all around the country! Don’t get tackled by the less-than-healthy standard fare served at most festivities. Host a healthier tailgate that will give your friends and family something to really cheer about.

Whether your team is starting the season strong or showing signs of a weak defense, there’s no reason to turn to junk food during their time on the field. Try serving up dishes from Organic Authority for healthier game-day options instead.

First Down Dips and Snacks

Organic Authority knows what it takes to wow in the dip department! Try one of these three, three-ingredient dipsand your guests will be calling for a replay!

It’s not quite Super Bowl season, but these 5 superfood snacksfrom Organic Authority will be good practice for celebrating the big game later in the season!

Main Dish Mania

Organic Authority’s got you covered when there is a hungry bunch to feed! It doesn’t get better than homemade tacos with all the fixins’ for all types of eaters. You’ll be able to mix it up by offering a variety of fillings and shell options, too!

Grilled shiitake mushroomsmake for hearty and tasty sandwiches. Serve with your favorite sandwich rolls (or eat them without bread). They have a rich, earthy flavor and are super-easy to make so you won’t be away from the game too long!

From the Organic Authority Files

For the burger lovers in the bunch, Organic Authority’sBlue Cheese Cabernet Organic Hamburgers will definitely have your guests yelling for more! Even better; if you make these burgers a day ahead of time and save grilling for game day, they’ll taste better (it’ll allow the ingredients to build maximum flavor), and you’ll have more time to tune in to the game.

Side Dishes that Score

Organic Bistro Garlic Fries are the perfect side dish to serve when watching football and they add a little polish to your tailgate party! Organic Authority’s Laura Klein demonstrates how to make this delicious treat that will make you forget all about the fried variety.

Put a twist on an old favorite with Organic Authority’s Easy Organic Coleslaw with Dried Cranberries. A little sweet, a little tart, all kinds of tasty.

Touch Down! Desserts!

Peanut Butter No-bake Bars from Prevention are good for several reasons: First, the peanut butter! Second, no need to bake them (more time to spend with the gang), and finally, they’re made with whole grain cereal which offers the benefit of fiber. Your guests will love them and you’ll definitely score big points!

Handy and delicious, Organic Authority’s Vegan Mojito Cupcakes are the perfect party dessert – and they give you the opportunity to introduce your friends to vegan food. Bring a touch of taste to your football fiesta – your friends might carry you off on their shoulders!

Don’t let junk food sack you for a loss at your next tailgate party! With help from Organic Authority, you’ll be sure to score extra points! Even if you’re not technically hosting a barbeque event, consider these 21 Handy Tips for a Full-throttle Eco-barbeque.You’ll find many great ideas to implement during your next tailgate party. 

image: jaymiheimbuch

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