Beyond S’mores: 5 Summer Dessert Recipes that Feature Graham Crackers

We can’t get enough of the crispy, crumbly, cinnamon-y edge of a good graham cracker, but we admit, one can stomach only so many marshmallows without starting to feel a bit queasy. Not to worry, there are a number of fresh, fruity, and cooling ways to enjoy these sweet crackers all season long. Here are 5 summer dessert recipes that feature graham crackers.

5 Summer Dessert Recipes with Graham Crackers

1. Fresh berry pie with graham cracker crust

Replace traditional pie dough with a crumbly graham cracker crust, and fill with mixed berries of choice, then bake away for a new take on the traditional summer pie.

Recipe to try: Healthy Blueberry Pie with Banana Graham Cracker Crust from food blogger Tara Lynn Mcnitt

2. Graham crackers with bananas and chocolate

Almost like a cold version of the traditional S’more, this idea is simple and incredibly tasty. Spread a thin layer of chocolate or hazelnut spread—or nut butter of choice—over graham cracker, and top with thinly sliced bananas. Place in the freezer for a few minutes to make an extra chilly treat.

Recipe to try: Chocolate-Banana Grahams from Eating Well

3. No-bake fruit cake

Also known as “icebox” cakes, these no-bake frozen cakes are such a delight to enjoy during the summer. Multiple layers of fruit, whipped cream, and graham crackers form a tall, stacked cake, which is chilled for hours, until the layers soften, and the crackers become soft and moist as traditional vanilla cake.

Recipe to try: No-Bake Strawberry Icebox Cake from the kitchn

4. Layered fruit and cream sandwiches

Dollop softened cream cheese, crème fraiche, or firm whipped cream onto graham crackers. Top with berries or sliced stone fruits and repeat, making layered sandwiches.

Recipe to try: Triple Decker Berry Graham Cracker Sandwiches from

5. Frozen yogurt sandwiches

This frozen dessert is a delicious take on the classic ice cream sandwich. Instead of vanilla ice cream filling, try a frozen yogurt made—or hand-mixed—with fresh or frozen berries. And instead of sandwiching the filling between two chocolate grahams, use honey or cinnamon graham crackers.

Recipe to try: Summer Berry Frozen Yogurt Bars from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

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Image adapted from Flickr, ralph and jenny, CC BY 2.0