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Meatless Monday Recipe Roundup: Hearty Fare


One of winter's major pluses would have to be the foods that keep us warm and toasty as the temperatures plummet outdoors. We often think "hearty" this time of year, and many may argue that vegetarians get left out in the cold. This Meatless Monday Roundup is out to prove you wrong! There's plenty chockfull of hearty and part of a healthy plant-based diet that's sure to warm the soul and fill your belly with goodness, sans meat (but maybe some potatoes). 

Over at the revered Post Punk Kitchen last week, they boiled up something quite delicious. And that is the Bestest Pesto. It's Comfort Food Month on their blog, and this vegan pesto will get you through the most stressful holiday situations with a fork full of gratitude. 

If you're like me, soup must be had every day that dips into freezing temps. At Prevention RD, not only are we talking majorly healthy, but their recipe for Mexican Quinoa Soup garnished with avocado and lime and rife with hot peppers will warm the body right up, literally. 

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From the Organic Authority Files

Another delicious - and decidedly spicy - soup came by way of Spoon With Me last week. Their Honey Chipotle Sweet Potato Soup is a seasonal highlight that is also pretty simple to concoct. And who doesn't love that in between the fifty million other things you have to do today?

Looking to give something a bit different the good ol' try? Over at Ami's Vegetarian Delicacies, she's cooked up a Lotus Root Stirfry that certainly piqued our interest... and the tastebuds are satisfied! 

image: Post Punk Kitchen

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