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Meatless Monday Recipe Roundup: Inspired Vegetarian Fare


As our own Derek Beres says in his artice, The Vegetarian Wedding Planner, "It never ceases to amaze me that people assume I have limited culinary choices. It's impossible to explain how much variety was introduced into my diet when forgoing meat." How true that most think going vegetarian is painfully limiting. How also true what bologne that is! Vegetarians open themselves up to a world of inventive gastronomy when meat isn't the go-to highlight. In the spirit of vegetable-centric creativity, we're spotlighting some drool-worthy recipes that sprung on the blogoshpere this last week.

  • For a unique appetizer, give these Roasted Onions Stuffed with Curried Black Quinoa from the Healthy Green Kitchen a place at your tablescape. Not only delicious, but gorgeous. 
  • Alongside Warm Potato Salad with Creamy Dijon Dressing & Pumpernickel Croutons from The First Mess, and now you have a meal that will be conversation fodder for tomorrow. 
  • Move over burger, chicken and turkey sandwich. Falafel is in town! Ask around and the vegetarian/vegan community is bound to offer up the beloved falafel as a surefire diet staple (for those on a budget anyhow!). While generally obtained from one's local hole in a wall, this Home Made Falafel from Clookbook will give your kitchen a global flair and serve up an undeniably enviable lunch (or dinner!). 
  • Now, here's an ingredient that's bound to be new to your repertoire: Freekeh. What is it, you ask? It's wheat that has been harvested while it's still green, sun-dried, and then lightly roasted by burning the chaff and stalks around it. Herbivoracious shares a mouthwatering recipe for Pomegranate-glazed Freekeh Kofte, otherwise known as meatballs. But these ones are vegan and delightfully new to the palate. 

image: Healthy Green Kitchen

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