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Meatless Monday Recipe Roundup: Inspired Winter Fare


I must say, this week we were particularly impressed with the inspired dishes that came from meatless bloggers far and wide. Perhaps as we hunker down indoors, creative juices start flowing to keep us happy and healthy, and ward off that pesky seasonal depression. Whatever it is, we hope it's a trend that continues! Check out these divinely informed dishes that will make Meatless Monday surely trickle into Tuesday...

What do you get when you combine two top vegetarian go-tos, nachos and falafel? Why, Falachos of course! Over at nofaceplate (love that name!), nachos just got a Middle Eastern facelift, and the result is definitely worth drooling over. These will make a perfectly indulgent lunch or a stunning appetizer for one of your million holiday gatherings. 

If the prior just doesn't scream seasonal to you, the folks at Sunday Morning Banana Pancakes came through with a brilliant twist on winter squash. Carnival Squash just got stuffed with maple-dijon quinoa, and some cranberries have been thrown in for good holiday measure. You can't help but feel comforted into pure merriment with this plate. 

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From the Organic Authority Files

This is the year to surprise your guests with Pistachio Bread instead of your regular ol' pumpkin loaf (not that we don't love it...). Over at Anecdotes and Apple Cores when asked why she bakes, the lovely bloggeress responded: "Because it does something in my soul. Quiets the seas that often times are rocky." And perhaps because occasionally she comes up with something as awesome as Pistachio Bread...

And our final entree du jour for today's Meatless Monday hails from What's Cooking Good Looking. While this is quite the culinary endeavor, what you are left with is Toasted Sweet Potato Gnocchi with a Sage & Walnut Pesto. Enough said, right?

image: nofaceplate

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