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Meatless Monday Recipe Roundup: Reveling in Rhubarb


Out at a restaurant this week, I enjoyed a stellar rhubarb dessert crumble and wondered, "what else can I use the stalks of this odd leafy green vegetable (dubbed a 'fruit') in?" Simultaneously a seasonal gem and totally underappreciated, give these Meatless Monday recipes from some of the most awesome foodie bloggers around (the blogosphere that is) the chance to convert you from a rhubarb renegade to an adept "pie plant" aficionado. 

The first recipe was concocted for Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Day, and while the day has come and gone, we're happy to say this Rhubarb and Almond Panna Cotta is here to stay... until rhubarb goes out of season anyhow. From Cook Your Dream, this dish is celebratory and special.

While the above is not vegan, this recipe from The First Mess for a Rhubarb Fool with Vanilla Coconut Cream has equal wow-factor and is entirely creamy as it melts in one's mouth. All minus the double cream, milk and yogurt!

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From the Organic Authority Files

Rhubarb need not be relegated to dessert. It shines in this summer Rhubarb Soup. Spicy and sour and served cold, the Almond Corner has created a truly unique soup for rhubarb critics to gawk at. 

Another savory dish that will make a perfect entree any day of the week, and keep well as leftovers in the coming days, enjoy these Curried Lentils with Rhubard Chutney from Naturally Ella. Lentils are, after all, the perfect protein. 

Image: Cook Your Dream

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