Meatless Monday Roundup: 4 Gourmet Pasta Recipes

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Ready for a Meatless Monday meal that’s quick and easy to make but tasty and impressive too? Look no further than pasta. The inexpensive ingredient is super easy to prepare, but pasta recipes can be gourmet and impressive as well.

We’ve scoured the web for some of the tastiest Meatless Monday pasta recipes. Our selection includes the perfect recipes for this in-between season, as summer comes to an end and fall approaches.

The first pasta recipe we think you’ll enjoy for Meatless Monday is a yummy pasta full of delicious greenery. Basil and broccoli are the perfect pair for this spaghetti dish. But the icing on the cake is actually the brown butter sauce. This simple technique is the perfect thing to elevate an easy-to-make recipe to something extraordinary. The flavor is perfectly echoed with a garnish of pine nuts, which make this pasta’s “sauce” a bit of a deconstructed pesto!

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Mac and cheese is a classic; this version plays with the traditional recipe by adding healthy cauliflower and umami flavor thanks to caramelized onions. This version is far from being the childhood favorite you remember; the gourmet recipe is sure to impress!


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Tortellini is an easy way to make a gourmet dinner a snap. Pick your favorite cheesy blend and serve it up with this easy-to-make tomato and spinach sauce. This version of the dish gets a creamy crème fraiche topping, which adds an unctuous quality and a gourmet touch!

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As fall approaches, this butternut squashpasta should be finding its way onto your table. The creamy noodles are flavorful and brightly colored thanks to the seasonal orange squash, and the sage leaf topping adds the je ne sais quoi you need to turn this pasta recipe into something perfect for a gourmet dinner party!

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