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3 Fun and Easy Yoga Poses for Kids

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Yoga is so primal in its purpose, so fundamental in its application, that it most certainly is not restricted to the older crowd. Kids can do yoga too! In fact, it's more useful for kids than ever before. They are spending so much time indoors, sitting at school, locked up indoors during the winter, eating junk food, watching TV show after TV show, residing in suffocating cities, and playing video games, that their bodies aren't as active, healthy and lithe as they could be. The following 3 fun and easy yoga poses for kids are just the beginning to a lifetime of zen.

Set up a yoga mat next to yours and practice alongside your child, guiding his or her movements as he or she goes. Start with these three simple poses, and grow from there. Be sure to train your kid to breathe deeply, in through the nose and exaggeratedly out through the mouth. The belly should widen with each inhale and be pulled in with each exhale.

1. Make a Bridge

Lie on your back and bend your needs so your feet are flat on the ground. Let your arms fall to your sides with your palms flat against the ground. Tuck your chin into your chest, take a deep breath, and as you exhale, slowly lift your butt into the air as high as you can to create a bridge. As you inhale, slowly lower your butt back to the ground. Repeat several more times.

2. Be a Bear

Keep your feet and your hands flat on the ground, creating a mountain-like pose. Step back with feet, and follow with your hands. Continue to do this forwards and backwards, essentially walking like a bear. Make bear noises to add more fun to the pose.

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3. Float Like a Flower

Sit on your butt and cross your legs, keeping your posture tall and straight. Slowly, lift your legs into the air, balancing on your sitting bones. Touch the soles of your feet together, reach between your legs and clasp under your ankles, essentially weaving your arms under your legs. Breathe in and out deeply, trying to keep the balance and a straight spine for as long as your can.

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