Pucker Up! 3 Ways Apple Cider Vinegar Can Enhance Your Natural Beauty

Read to discover some of the beauty benefits of apple cider vinegar.

Image: iStock/pixelfit
Image: iStock/pixelfit

Apple cider vinegar is one of the worlds most underappreciated foods. If you’ve only been using it in dressings and marinades, you’re missing out on some incredible health and beauty benefits!

Apple cider vinegar has a low pH level, which makes it acidic and theoretically capable of balancing out the body’s acidic environment. It also boasts a ton of enzymes and healthy bacteria. The following three uses of apple cider vinegar show you how to use this tart liquid to improve your health, and obtain beautiful hair and skin.

Tips for Buying Apple Cider Vinegar

When purchasing apple cider vinegar, look for a raw, unfiltered version that appears to have sediment in it.  This flaky dust floating around at the murky bottom of apple cider vinegar is called the “mother”, as it is the source of fermentation for the vinegar and from where all of apple cider vinegar’s incredible health benefits come. If you don’t see the mother, look for another brand. Raw versions are markedly more potent. 

Little Apple Treats Original Apple cider Vinegar made with organic apples.
Credit: Little Apple Treats

Our favorite is Little Apple Treats  Apple Cider Vinegar. It’s made in small batches with orchard grown, organic apples in Sonoma.  This ACV is a live product and packed with probiotics, to lend an overall sense of whole body balance. Perfect for anyone looking to improve the feeling of good digestion, visibly perk up skin and hair, and so much more. The mellow, fruity flavor makes a sublime addition to any dietary lifestyle.

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The following are three beauty-centric uses for apple cider vinegar that you should add to your regular regimen.

3 Ways Apple Cider Vinegar Can Enhance Your Natural Beauty

1. Hair Rinse

The low pH of apple cider vinegar stimulates hair follicles, making them smoother. The vinegar also gets rid of dandruff, irritation and grease.

Add a few tablespoons to a glass of water and pour over your hair at the end of your shower before rinsing with more water. The vinegar smell will go away once your hair dries, but you’ll be left with smooth, shiny, clean hair!

2. Skin Toner

Mix 2 tablespoons of water with 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and use a cotton ball to dab the toner onto your cleansed facial skin. The solution will balance skin cells’ natural pH and help strike that happy balance between oily and dry. Apple cider vinegar also helps get rid of red marks and acne, due to its role in reducing inflammation.

3. Natural Deodorant

Store-bought deodorants are tinged with harmful fragrances and toxic ingredients. Instead of going deoderant free, pat underarms lightly with some apple cider vinegar. The pH absorbs and neutralizes any stinkiness. And don’t fret, the apple aroma will go away once the vinegar dries.

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