6 Beeswax-Free Beauty Balms for Luxe Vegan Moisturizing

beeswax free balm

Making the choice to go natural with your beauty routine is one of best ways to go cruelty-free, too. The majority of green beauty brands are not only eco-conscious, but never test on animals. However, one group of natural ingredients that come into question are bee products.

There are good beekeepers and some not so great ones, but if you want to be sure that your beauty products are one-hundred percent bee-friendly, then you might want to avoid bee by-products altogether.

Although honey crops up in natural beauty, beeswax is the real beauty heavyweight. Produced by worker bees to build honeycombs, it’s soft enough to blend with botanicals and massage into skin, but solid enough to give products textural structure. Not only that, but the fatty acids provide skin with a protective barrier, making it especially brilliant at locking moisture, so anyone with dry skin can find it especially hard to find a beeswax free balm or moisturizer.

Vegan Beeswax Alternatives

Candelilla Wax
Perhaps the most popular vegan beeswax alternative, it is made from the waxy coating of candelilla shrub leaves, a plant that grows mostly in Mexico. Although it has a higher melting point than beeswax, it’s less tacky and thinner, giving it a glossy texture upon contact with skin.

Carnuba Wax
Yet again derived from plant leaves, but this time of Brazilian palm trees, the high melting point and hardness of this wax make it a particularly great option for stick products that need to maintain their shape, but may not be the most sustainable option.

Rose Wax
Leftover from the process of making rose absolute, this by-product maintains much of soothing and regenerative properties that rose is famous for in skincare. Creamier in texture than the other alternatives, it may not be the best straight swap for beeswax, but due to the nature of how it’s made, there’s a sustainability bonus! Waxes can be obtained from the petals of other flowers also, as well as waxy fruits.

6 Vegan Beauty Balms, Minus the Beeswax!

1. Leahlani Bless Beauty Balm

The best balms are uber-adaptable, and the soft texture of this one allows it to fall easily into this category. Massage into your face at the end of the day to lift away makeup and grime, or finish off your routine by utilizing it as a moisturizer. Skim over the list and you’ll only find organic butters of cocoa and shea alongside argan and passionflower oils as the nourishing base. Not only is there no beeswax in sight, but there’s no wax whatsoever. As a result, it melts upon contact with skin into an easy to absorb oil, and ideal for those who find waxes too heavy but still want the richness of a balm. The addition of blue tansy and neroli oil also gives one more reason to indulge in this pink pot of bliss thanks to the delicate, sweet scent.

beeswax free balm

2. Pai Skincare Head To Toe Hero Buriti Balm

Designed for all-over goodness, this simple, beeswax free balm is reminiscent of old school lanolin based moisturizers, minus the animal ingredients. Sensitive types will also salute the fact it’s essential oil free and is instead scented with organic vanilla extract. Talk about an upgrade on a beauty classic! You’ll also find sumac fruit wax within the formula, which is derived from the berry kernels of the Chinese haze tree. Unlike other waxes, it won’t crystalize, making the formula easy to squeeze out from the handy travel-friendly tube.

beeswax free balm

3. Hero Beauty Babe Balm

Brand new to the clean beauty world, the Babe Balm has all the potential to become your new multitasking beauty hero, while being entirely vegan. Use it from tip to toe after a shower, or even to tame flyaways. This waterless balm boasts nourishing butters of monoi and kokum, not to mention berry wax from the Chinese lacquer tree for a softly whipped texture. And that delicious peachy shade? All natural!

beeswax free balms

4. Mahalo Rare Indigo Balm

While the original cult Mahalo Balm does contain beeswax, this blue beauty is completely vegan. The color isn’t just about looking pretty, though. Indigo extract married with yarrow and chamomile oils are what give this balm its signature hue, alongside some seriously soothing properties. The compound responsible for the color, chamazulene, has been shown to have powerful anti-inflammatory effects, making it ideal for both reactive and sensitive skin. Although mostly for use on the face, you can also pop this balm on to rashes and breakouts to help speed up the healing process.

beeswax free balm

5. R.L. Linden & Co. La Balmba Rosa Healing Rose Balm

A botanical take on a traditional balm, this pot of natural oils is given its solid texture thanks to candelilla wax, but melts on contact with skin to provide a light layer of protection that sinks into soft skin. Where this concoction really works it’s magic as a repairing balm for your pout, but the glossy finish also makes it great for rubbing into nails for shine and giving the natural high points of your face a subtle, healthy looking highlight.

6. Laurel Whole Plant Organics Healing Balm Face & Body

Putting together a natural first aid kit? A balm you can quickly slap on scraps and rashes is a must. There are plenty of botanicals that are fit for the job, but if you’re on the lookout for a vegan balm that touts their healing powers, then the options are slim. Enter Laurel Whole Plant Organics; with a combination of soothing calendula, anti-inflammatory comfrey, and antibacterial lavender, this balm covers all the basis when it comes to times of need. Shea butter also plays the role of protective layer that beeswax usually does, while tamanu oil aids skin regeneration in the healing process.

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