5 Common Mistakes that May Be Ruining Your Skin Health, Beauty and Radiance


When it comes to skin health, you may think you have all the answers. If you have sensitive skin that is inconsistent and often breaks out, the frustration can mount quickly – it seems that no matter what you do, it simple won’t get better. Step back and take a look at your skincare regimen. Are you overcompensating in certain areas, and to a fault? Or are you oblivious to some of the biggest skin health culprits out there? These five common mistakes can negatively affect your skin and may just be causing your woes.

1. Washing it

The simple concept of washing your face is not the problem, but rather the way in which you do so. The rules are as follows:

  • Do not wash your face more than twice daily – once in the morning, once before bed.
  • Use organic facial cleansing and moisturizing products. Simple is often better. You can even make them yourself.
  • Exfoliate once per week – no more, no less.
  • Wash your make up off before bed.
  • Use lukewarm – not hot – water to rinse your skin. This means no washing your face in the shower. Instead, do so at the sink.

2. Not Changing Your Pillow Cases

Even if you shower and wash your face prior to hitting the sack, you must remember that sleep is a period of time in which your body is in cleanse mode, repairing, renewing and revitalizing your organs – including your skin. During the night, your body pushing toxins to the surface of your skin, leaving your pillow grounds for bacteria build up. To maintain proper skin health, have about 3-4 pillowcases on rotation. Once you sleep on a freshly cleaned pillow case one night, the next night flip the pillow over and rest your face on the other side. The following day, replace the pillowcase and repeat. Avoid mainstream detergents for your pillowcases, as they can irritate your skin. Instead, opt for a natural or DIY version of detergent.

3. Using Hair Gel or Sprays

This one if often overlooked. If you use styling products for your hair, do know that they will eventually find way to your face. Unless your hair is up in a tight ponytail, your locks will most definitely make contact with your face. Your facial skin will then absorb whatever chemicals have been used on your hair, causing irritation or even acne. That doesn’t mean you should let your hair go au naturel. Instead, reach for natural, organic styling products. Or, you can make your own!

4. Not Sleeping Enough

Surprise, surprise! Sleep affects yet another aspect of your life – your beauty! Stress increases glucorcorticoid production, which can negative affect skin health by causing structural and functional abnormalities. Not getting enough sleep may increase the risk of psychological stress by 14 percent for each hour lost. More sleep = less stress = better skin.

5. Eat Better

Diet and skin quality are unmistakable connected. What you eat affects blood sugar levels and insulin production. Too much insulin in the blood stream can change your body, leading to the growth of pore-clogging cells. Stick to a plant-based diet and reduce intake of sugar, white flour, potatoes and excess fruits and fruit juices. Keep it clean and balanced.

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