5 Essential Tips to Beautiful and Healthy Skin

5 Essential Tips to Beautiful and Healthy Skin

For many of us, facial skin is an animal of its own. Often, it’s hard to understand exactly what it needs and wants and, despite our research and extra care, it fails to react properly. The following 5 tips to clear and healthy skin go beyond the keep-it-clean and eat-a-healthy-diet suggestions. Instead, they delve a little further into why you should take care of your skin in certain ways and offer you the tips you need to look your best and put your freshest face forward.

1. Make Your Face the No-Friend Zone

It’s impossible to ensure that nothing ever touches your face, but get as close to mastering this skill as possible. Don’t let anyone or anything touch your face, not even your own hands. You may not realize how often you already put your fingers or palms on your face until you start paying attention – it’s a lot. From you hair swaying forward and gracing your cheek to propping your chin up with your fist to letting your significant other pinch your nose or caress your cheeks, your face is constantly vulnerable to bacteria. Try lying on your back when you sleep or rotate pillow cases on the regular to avoid bacteria build-up. Get used to such rituals and they will soon become second nature. Reduce your face’s contact with other people and things as much as possible and you’ll see the difference.

2. Wash It The Right Way

In the morning after you wake up and at night before you go to bed. No more, no less. Overwashing your face can lead to dryness, irritation and increased sensitivity. Underwashing your face can increase oil build-up and cause breakouts and acne. Cleansing before bed helps to set your face up for a night of renewal and cleansing in the morning removes all dead skin cells and other toxins that your skin emitted over the course of the night. Exfoliate in the morning, twice per week.

3. Stick to Your Routine

You don’t need to waste your money on chic toners, cleansers and moisturizers. Healthy skin is no-fuss skin. Instead, keep your skincare regimen organic, scant and cheap. My suggestion is to purchase a high-quality, organic day-time moisturizer that fits well with your skin type. Some affordable brands include Juice Beauty and The Body Deli. In the morning, cleanse your face using a vegetable-based soap and then apply your day-time moisturizer. If you would like to use a tonic prior to applying to the moisturizer, you can spray your skin lightly with raw apple cider vinegar or rose water. Don’t fuss with your face during the day. Before bed, cleanse your skin again with a vegetable-based soap and apply a natural oil, such as jojoba, coconut and argan. I find that they leave behind an oily glow, so I prefer using them before bed. You can either purchase your skincare products from a reputed natural and organic skincare company or make them at home.

4. Apply Less Makeup

Avoid foundations and powders that can clog your pores and cause breakouts. Even if they are organic and natural, they are getting in the way of your skin breathing, so try to reach the point where you don’t need foundation at all. Your moisturizer will act as a line of defense from outside pollution, and you can even look for a tinted version to give you some coloring. It may be hard at first, but accustom yourself to going completely make up free a few days of the week. As your skin improves, you may find that you only need eye liner, mascara and a touch of lip tint for even the swankiest of events. There are many dangerous chemicals in most makeup brands, so if you have to wear make-up everyday, find a non-toxic organic make-up brand and purchase the essentials.

5. Inversions

This may sound odd at first, but doing inversions is actually godsend for your skin. Try to find a position in which your head is below the rest of your body. You can use an inversion board or simply whatever you can construct using the objects in the comfort of your home. Lie in such a position for up to 5 minutes. The blood rushes to your head and helps to bring oxygen to your facial muscles and increase circulation. All day long, gravity pulls down on your face and can literally draw the life out of it. Inversions help to reverse this effect and reveal healthy skin you didn’t know you had!

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