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5 Gorgeous Cookbooks That Use Food as Beauty Products

5 Gorgeous Cookbooks That Use Food as Beauty Products


We’ve all heard that oft-quoted adage, “You are what you eat,” and it's perhaps never more true than when it comes to your skin. While most dermatologists agree that our teenage fear of chocolate leading to pimply chins was far from the truth, the relationship between what you eat and your skin is a close one. These days, holistic health professionals point to a healthy skin diet as the first line of defense against not only acne, but also dryness, wrinkles, redness and more.

A healthy skin diet starts, first and foremost, with reducing your consumption of foods that can contribute to skin problems: the processed sugar in your favorite chocolate bar is a far more likely culprit for your teen acne woes than the cocoa itself, as general inflammation can cause your skin to break out or dry out. Meanwhile, adding vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, and even probiotics can lead to healthier, more radiant skin.

To help you understand how best to use this knowledge to your advantage, we've scoped out five fantastic cookbooks devoted to the relationship between beautiful food and beautiful skin.

beauty chef

1. The Beauty Chef Cookbook

Carla Oates is the Australian founder of the Beauty Chef skincare line, encompassing both topical products and supplements. Her powders, made with naturally biofermented, certified organic superfoods, are just the start of Oates' healthy skin diet regime: she penned “The Beauty Chef Cookbook” to introduce readers to the best foods for both skin and gut. Driven by Oates' belief in the power of unprocessed, low GI, whole foods, the book features gluten- and dairy-free recipes ranging from traditional dishes to lunchbox snacks to even special occasion meals.

eat beautiful

2. Eat Beautiful

Wendy Rowe’s experience as a makeup artist to the stars informs “Eat Beautiful,” a skincare-focused cookbook with a host of beautiful recipes organized based on the seasonality of their core ingredients. The book provides guides to some of Rowe’s favorite skin-boosting foods like salmon, pomegranate, and white tea and features a good balance of both plant-based and non-plant-based dishes.

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nourish and glow

3. Nourish & Glow

"Nourish & Glow" is a forthcoming book from best-selling author and certified health and nutrition coach Jules Aron. Aron’s “pretty zen” philosophy is founded in the core principles of consuming raw and alkaline foods as well as foods rich in enzymes, minerals, amino acids, healthy fats, prebiotics, probiotics, and adaptogens. Creative plant-based recipes like raw piña colada breakfast bars, smoked carrot bacon, or rainbow noodles with marinara and lentil balls afford dozens of unique ways that a beautiful plate can lead to a beautiful face.

the young skin diet

4. The Young Skin Diet

This book from Michelle Lee combines peer-reviewed science connecting food and skin health with actionable solutions: Her six principles of nutrition for rejuvenated skin allow readers to see not only what foods will make their skin look and feel younger but also understand how these foods work. "The Young Skin Diet" includes dozens of delicious recipes but also delves into food combination techniques and meal planning. It also offers topical skin treatments to supplement the dietary changes outlined in the book.

radical beauty

5. Radical Beauty

"Radical Beauty" is a holistic skincare book, and food is a crucial element of its structure. This collaborative effort from Dr. Deepak Chopra and nutritionist Kimberly Snyder is organized based on six different pillars of skin health, of which the first is "internal nourishment." The recipes and tips in this portion of the book tend towards easy-to-find ingredients, rendering the lifestyle changes simple and approachable, so your healthy skin diet can start right away.

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