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5 Hybrid Classes to Blend Your Creative Hobbies

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Multitasking is a way of life for many people who relish the chance to combine and conquer. While the term “task” brings to mind work, effort and “getting things done,” you can also combine creative hobbies to create a hybrid experience. Whether you like artistic adventures, active classes or cultural enterprises, it’s easy to find exciting hybrid creative hobby classes in your area to explore.

If you’re the type of person who likes to stay busy, learn new things and meet other people while doing so, these fun hybrid classes can be a new way to indulge all kinds of creative endeavors.

1. HIKING + YOGA – Warrior One is always better with a view. While yoga studios are convenient, these hiking classes combine the uplifting power of beautiful natural surroundings with the mind-balancing forces of yoga. Hiking Yoga offers classes all over California and in Texas, Colorado, Arizona, Oregon, Missouri and New York. You can also try Yoga Hikes DC and look for independent classes in your area. Discover the benefits of doing Mountain Pose on an actual mountain.

2. PAINTING + WINE DRINKING – Explore the creative influences of the vine in an evening class that combines artistic instruction with a few glasses of the good stuff. All across the country, drinking and painting combo classes are popping up. Most provide the canvas, paints and other supplies; you just have to show up ready to go. Look for wine as well as cocktail painting classes in your area from PaintNite, Pinot’s Palette, Wine & Canvas, Spirited Art and Wine and Design. Just don’t drink the paint.

3. COOKING + LEARNING A FOREIGN LANGUAGE – Involving all your senses is an excellent way to learn a language. Combine vocabulary practice with cooking lessons and discover how easy it can be to retain new words. MIT offers an Italian cooking/language class for undergraduates called “Speak Italian with Your Mouth Full,” and you’ll also find numerous cooking and language classes abroad via Coeur de France, Toscana Mia and Lucca Italian School. You’ll finally know how to pronounce everything on the menu.

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4. VOLUNTEERING + ARTS & CRAFTS – Do you enjoy indulging in an afternoon of arts and crafts? Kids love it too. Get out your scissors and glue sticks and volunteer with Project Sunshine. This non-profit organization connects volunteers with children across the country and world who are facing medical challenges. Sit side-by-side with the kids and make seasonal craft projects, decorative objects or name signs and pillowcases for their hospital room. Use your artistic talent to lift spirits and color the world.

5. PHOTOGRAPHY + HIKING – Work on your shooting skills while you work out your gluteus maximus on a hike for amateur photographers. You’ll find numerous hiking and photography groups on in your area, or you can embark on more serious endeavors with organized outings with the Ansel Adams Gallery in Yosemite, National Geographic Expeditions in Scotland, and Expeditions Alaska in the Arctic. Say cheese, polar bear!

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