5 Sweet, Non-Toxic Perfumes that’ll Free You from Synthetics

non-toxic perfumes

When you find The One, that’s it. You’re paired for life, and nothing will make you stray. Ever. We’re talking about (non-toxic) perfume, of course.

More so than anything else within a beauty regimen, fragrance is deeply personal. Scent has the power to conjure up long lost memories or strong emotions at even the slightest whiff, so it’s no wonder that when we find a perfume we like we rarely let it go.

Sadly though, most conventional perfumes are filled with harmful synthetics that you do not want to put on your skin, but you probably don’t want to be breathing in, either. Yep, we’ve all heard of perfume headaches, and they’re not something to be ignored.

Line up your average natural fragrance next to the Diors and Yves Saint Laurent’s of the world, though, and it’s difficult to compare.

While many of us adore unadulterated, pure essential oil-based scents, the truth is they’re not as long lasting, and the many layers of different notes you find in your beloved signature scent just aren’t there.

However, as the clean beauty world grows the tides have begun to turn. Innovative perfumers have turned their noses toward botanical ingredients and are finally creating non-toxic perfumes worthy of choosing.

5 Non-Toxic Perfume Brands You Want Under Your Nose

1. Florescent

Founded by green beauty expert Susannah Compton, it’s no wonder this edited line of fragrances is a huge success. A departure away from the many oil based natural perfumes, all three use an alcohol base, making the fresh botanical notes sing and last all day long. Of course, though, it’s not just any alcohol – it’s organic grape alcohol.

Top pick:Sundays celebrates the pure, sweet deliciousness of jasmine, with subtle spicy and warm undertones. You’ll be hard pressed not to fall in love with this elegant number.

2. Lvnea 

Like your perfume dark and mysterious? Be prepared for Lvnea to get your heart racing. Celebrating the power of plants, this Canadian artisan brand use only purest botanicals to create fragrances that allow you to enter another world via the senses. Explore its catalogue and you’ll find a mix of perfume oils and balms, plus the new range of Eau De Parfums.

Top pick: Dagger Moon embodies what Lvnea is all about; unusual combinations that create olfactory magic. In a base of coconut oil, forest walks come to life through notes of baked earth, tree moss and a hint of coffee.

3. Honores Des Pres

Hailing from Paris, these are the kind of perfumes that give the likes of Chanel a run for their money. What they forgo in synthetics they don’t lack in sophistication. There’s a choice of three Eau De Parfum and four Eau De Toilettes, all Ecocert certified, and with their own unique personalities.

Top pick: Coconut scents don’t always have to be tropical. Love Coconut is a more edgy, grown-up version instead, pairing the warm of coconut and vanilla with coriander and white cedar.

4. Strange Invisible Perfumes

Perhaps the most decadent among this list, these handcrafted fragrances unashamedly showcase the artistry of true perfumery. Created traditionally using Esprit de Cognac as a base, the scents are then formed from carefully distilled plant essences – wildcrafted and organic sources no less.

Top pick: Every finely crafted fragrance tells a story, and L’Invisible invokes yours. With warm and tangy citrus notes such as lemon and bergamot carried by vanilla, rose, and oakmoss, it’s bound to make you nostalgic for mediterranean nights or northern summers.

5. Hiram Green

Born out of a need for a real alternative to synthetic-laden fragrances, Hiram Green is one of the few brands that offer up completely natural perfumes both complexed and considered, thanks to a clear understanding of perfumery at its core.

Top pick: The sensous scent of tuberose takes center stage with Moon Bloom, and is complemented by equally gorgeous jasmine and ylang ylang. The result is a sensuous and bold perfume that lives up to the flower’s seductive reputation.

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