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5 Serums for Gorgeous Summer Skin Care This Sunny Season

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Best Summer Skin Care: 5 Serums for the Sunny Season

Sun damage defense, spot fading, anti-aging, complexion brightening. Just a few reasons to add a serum to your summer skin care line up.

Summer is approaching. Time to switch up your skin care. No, it is not necessary to change every single item. A few adjustments and you’ll be showing off glowing, flawless skin all season long.

A lighter moisturizer and cleanser, and a refreshing toner are all bonus skin care products for summertime. Another not-to-be-missed for the season? A facial serum.

No experience with this skin care superstar? No worries. It’s not too late to get in on the goodness of a serum. And no better time than the approaching heat wave season.

Think of serums as superfood for skin. Concentrated combinations of high powered ingredients formulated to deliver a healthy dose of goodness. These powerhouse products offer a wide array of benefits to skin, including UV damage control, hydration, lightening, brightening, smoothing, and more.

Natural facial serums are made with plant oils, butters, and extracts, floral water, and essential oils. Healthy ingredients are combined in a variety of ways to offer different benefits to skin. Some serums are oil blends, others are gels or creams. Steer clear of serums made with synthetics, like silicone. These may make skin feel super soft and silky, but zap skin of moisture and may cause irritation. They are also linked to reproductive issues and may accumulate in the system.

Because natural serums are so concentrated, they are perfect for delivering larger doses of good-for-skin ingredients. For best results apply serum to clean skin before moisturizer and makeup.

You likely don’t need a super hydrating serum for summer, but don’t miss out on the many advantages.

5 Best Serums for Summer Skin Care

Best Summer Skin Care Dr. Alkaitis Nourishing Treatment Oil

1. Dr. Alkaitis Nourishing Treatment Oil

This serum is a blend of oils, but is light and perfect for treating dry patches, blemishes, and calming inflammation. Summertime perfection. The all ‘round favorite.

Best Summer Skin Care Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+

2. Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+

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Rosehip oil is the Retin A of natural ingredients, good for fading spots and smoothing lines. One caveat, rosehip oil is photosensitive and should not be worn when you plan to spend time in the sun. For best use, apply at night for bedtime skin therapy. Best for correcting UV damage.

Best Summer Skin Care Tata Harper Rejuvenating Serum

3. Tata Harper Rejuvenating Serum

Looking for stellar anti-aging help this summer? Try this light, yet hardworking, combo of super charged ingredients. Best for normal and combination skin.

Best Summer Skin Care Sunday RileyJuno Hydroactive Cellular Face Oil

4. Sunday RileyJuno Hydroactive Cellular Face Oil

Support skin with antioxidant protection and toning properties with this blend of yummy, vitamin-packed oils. Good for mature and sensitive skin.

Best Summer Skin Care Kahina Giving Beauty Brightening Serum

5. Kahina Giving Beauty Brightening Serum

If it’s spot fading you are after, look no further than this light, easily absorbed serum. Perfect for those with oily skin.

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